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Fixed Blade Paranoia?

Apr 24, 1999
Hey, how many of you all live in a city that prohibits the carry of fixed blades, regardless of size? In Seattle, you can carry a folder w/ a blade up to 3 1/2" long and with serrations, but damn if you could carry a REKAT Utility w/ a plain edge. Could anyone please tell me why this is? Is it b/c fixed blades can get out faster and easier than folders, kinda like the reason why autos are frowned upon?
In my state, Florida, everything except a firearm and a "common pocket knife" is considered a weapon. If you're wondering, the laws dealing with firearms are specific to firearms, hence the difference in definitions, plus Florida is a pretty cool state with very reasonable carry and self-defense laws, that understands not every gun is for killing people, and concealed carry permits are easy for law abiding people to get.

Anyway, I think this is because the other knife laws are old and just stuck on the books; just like how I'm not allowed to bathe inside(yes, that's INSIDE) my house or sleep with an aligator.

"Common pocket knife" acknowledges that these are just ordinary tools. I have been arested and taken to jail for battery(really mutual combat, but it's all battery, no not against women) with a knife in my pocket. Since I didn't use the knife in the fight, it was just taken along with my clothes and boots and wallet and other gear I had on me and was returned with them upon my release.
Damn Thrawn!If I were you,I think I would consider moving.I live in Illinois and I think blade size only comes into play if the knife is being used in some sort of crime.I would still carry even if it was illegal though,I've carried plenty of contraband and have never once been searched.

Why is it against the law to carry a two inch bladed automatic, but legal to carry a four inch bladed Axis-Lock? Both are similarly fast, right? The fixed blade thing is in there for the same reason, to make people feel safer. When that law was placed on the books, a folding knife was like a Barlow, not an Emerson CQC7. If it was possible, a law would most likely be placed to ban the carry of so-called "TACTICAL" folding knives, but it becomes almost a certain NO because that law would require way too much discretion and personal opinion. Is it fixed, is it folding; That is one distinction that is all too easy to make. A fixed blade has always been, ever since the pocket knife was seen as a more gentlemanly carry option, a symbol of destruction. Hunting, offence, chopping, you get the idea. Just start carrying an Emerson Commander, I will too... Then we just sit and wait until they BEG us to carry something else, even a fixed blade;-)

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Sorry, Troy, I can't move right now--my girlfriend just got a job nearby and as I'm looking in the same area, I'm rather reluctant to leave. Also, as my dad used to be in the Navy, I was raised around salt water, and I NEED to be by it. Hey, illegal carry? I don't know what your talking about (wink, wink, nod, nod).
Why'd you think I've got all my neck knives? Doesn't mean I don't carry a folder, too, though. Yup, a 2 inch auto is just as fast as an Axis, but less destructive, but what can you do? Oh well.
Reading this I am glad I travelled US (47 states) before reading Bladeforums. I always carried at least one knife on me - not knowing I could get into some trouble. Fortunately I never did.
The law has long been confused by knives, since they are both universal necessary tools and nasty stealth weapons. That's how we get ridiculous distinctions in the statutes. The law is a "humble beast of burden."

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It's not the laws that are at fault--- It's
the lawyers promoting their occupation and REGULAR people with emotional issues that we
have elected to office. We have to accept
some ofthe responsibility. Ok I'm lumping
all the lawyers in together.. I know one
lady lawyer that I trust....Kinda

Don't walk in tradition just because it feels good!!!!!
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At least Kentucky has got it together on this. A CCW, concealed carry weapons permit, allows you to carry a gun, knife, martial art equipment, etc. concealed. Permits aren't hard to get, but the mandatory training only involves handguns and includes a dose of legal understanding.