Fixed blade review....DAMMIT!

Feb 4, 1999
I had that small fixed blade review done and ready to publish, but for some reason my &^&^@$%$@%#(*@&^%&%&$ Geocities file manager only saved half of it when I saved it just a minute ago. Can you say "frustration"? I am close to freaking out! I have been waiting forever for the last entry into the review, so I guess I might as well tough it out. I have a crapload of typing left to do anyway.

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I wondered what had happend...Thought I missed it...

So I'm working on my new catalog...Done on one computer (Mac) I have to move it to another computer (Mac also) so I can move the artwork to yet another computer (Wintel) with Photoshop to work the pics and then move that to the kitchen computer (Wintel) so I can post on-line...

I think I need a new way of doing things! Or at least a network...

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