Fixed Blade???

Ok, I just recieved two Round Eye Fangs for everyday carry. Ok, yes I know these are P.O.S's in many peoples eyes, but these little guys fit perfectly into every pocket or belt that I have. Can't stop wearing the things, plus I "Can" Sharpen the damn things!!!!! Ok, now I want something a little more quality, I want the best fixed blade that $300-$350 can buy. I have looked at Bud Nealy, and I have a customer that only knows two words in the English language, Mad Dog. So, what is the best fixed blade for a civilian (3.5" blade, black TI, Kydex sheath w/ Mutiple carry package, Ats-34 or better???
Thank-you for your time


Jim March

Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider
Oct 7, 1998
3,018 first question is "why so small?" but that's just me. In that size range I'm not certain Mad Dog is the be-all and end-all, unless you want a ceramic fighter invisible to metal detectors, in which case he *owns* that market. I'm not enthralled with the Wombat/Muskrat series.

In steel and sub-4", I'd take a good look at the Dozier New York Special or Arkansaw Toothpick. Good Kydex carry systems, the D2 is a good non-stainless tool steel that doesn't "eagerly" bond with oxygen.

Lesse...the Chris Reeve Aviator is a 4" FB with a hollow handle and a very VERY good leather sheath. Bud Neely is very good too, but you'll pay about half for a Dozier which IMHO is as good or better. The only thing Dozier doesn't do is "tactical black coatings".

Jim March
I had the Dozier "Whittler," was not impressed, but this New York Special might be something I need to see.(Where do I go?) I need small, I do Y2K Compliancy for small businesses, meaning I go to a new work place almost everyday, and I can't pull out something that looks like a murder weapon. Small, sleek, and stealthy seems to pass. The fang usually raises no eyebrows, but like I was saying, I now need something that "has" a real handle on it & high quality blade. Yeah, Nealy's Knives do it for me, but I want to make sure there is not something hiding out there that I haven't looked at yet. Thanks Jim for helping me out by the way. This will be my first "Real" fixed blade, and I want to have the same kind of feeling that I had when I got my first CR Small Sebenza. (Knife/Human Marriage) (smiling)

Take a look at Rob Simonich's Tactical Cetans...sounds just like what you're looking for.


You might like to look at Mark Boyer's <a href="">Multi-carry knives</a>. Also R.J. Martin's <a href="">Handyman</a> neck knife might suit your purpose. If you like Bud Nealy's knives you might like to wait for the <a href="">Boker/Nealy</a> collaboration. Hope this helps.