fixing dished coarse hones

May 11, 1999
i've been using, among other methods, a Razor Edge System for several years and my coarse hone has gotten quite dished doubtless due to my not paying attention and trying to distribute my scraping and scrubbing.
anyone ever found a way to flatten out a RES coarse hone?
on a related point: the RES blade guides also seem to wear quite a bit since they're metal being scraped along a coarse hone. what is the life expectancy of these guides anyhow?

jason f.
Hi Jason!

I'm not sure if this would help, but when my carborundum hones got dished (I think RES uses similar hones), I just flattened them out again on coarser sandpaper until I get it all flat again. It takes time, though... and I'm sure there are other methods the other forumites can share with us.