Flahlight recommendations

Oct 18, 2002
I am going off to play in kuwait for the next year. What is the best l.e.d light for around $50?
Get the Streamlight Twin Task 2L...I have one and it's an excellent little light...About the size of a Surefire 6P, but at alot better price, and offers both LED and Xenon light. Or there is the Streamlight Twin Task 3AA if you don't want to mess with the 123 lithium batteries, (it still offers both LED and Xenon light).
I second Glockman. They are excellent lights. Great beam pattern with the incandescent. Not a long throw light though. It truely is an awesome, all around light.
what do you think you'll use it for most, Will?

think you'll want more flood light or more long-distance throwing light?
You might want to check out this CPF discussion of the Sharper Image 1W LED light.

Sharper Image 1W Gallery

It's a great light, and at $30, you can pick plenty of batteries. Batterystation.com sells 123A cells for $1 to CPF members (free). You can check out the performance of the BS battery in this CPF thread.

-john (John N on CPF)
try to stick with AA batts .....they're readily available everywhere

see glockmans recommendation for 3AA light
all 123 lights i have seen are head and shoulders above any lights with std batts, the price of 123's is kinda high (unless from SF anyway) but if ya wanna play ya gotta pay.

if the 123 price is too high for ya get a rechargeable lite then, streamlite makes some for a little over $100

that said for the money the streamlite twin task w/the 123's is a lot of lite for the $$, though imho isnt as bright as a SF E2e or E2d, but its close. and ya get the LED, which again isnt as bright as the LED on my inova, but ya get both of them in 1 light. a good lite for the $$ imho, well worth it.
The only problem that I have with 123's is the lack of non-expensive local batteries. Sure, a 3v battery in a light will permit it to destroy a 1.5v, but I can get AA, AAA, C & D anywhere, by any manufacturer, for pretty much nothing compaired to the 123s. If you can stockpile, that's great, but if your supply runs out before you can get more you're kinda out of luck. I'd be leary of going anywhere with a light that I could'nt find batteries for at a moment's notice.

So my suggestion is to find a bunch of different lights, one for each battery type ;)
My favorite soft light is the Inova X5T. Great for those little tasks like going to the latrine or looking in your ruck. That a SF G2 and a bunch of batteries and you should be good to go.
UK 4AA eLED from Brightguy: $20
CMG Infinity Ultra G from CountyComm: $18
Spend the rest on cheap AAs.

If you really need something with throw, get a Pelican M6 as well. But you'll want to take an extra lamp with you.

The TwinTask 2L is pretty nice, not nearly as bright as the G2, not that that matters, except at a distance. The LEDs are not very bright, but have a very long runtime. It also has a nicely machined body and seems well made. The G2, on the other hand, is very bright, but supposedly eats up batties very fast. I own both, and like them both. The 2L is a better general purpose utility light IMO, but the G2 is cool to have.
BlindedByTheLite said:
what do you think you'll use it for most, Will?

think you'll want more flood light or more long-distance throwing light?
Knowing the answers to these will help a lot.

I say no matter what you get, you should throw in an Ultra G or Infinity Ultra with it. Takes the regular AA batts, durable, and lasts a long time.

If you want far throwing and you want to use regular batts then you may want to try out a
Pelican SabreLite 2020 Recoil LED. It has great throw to it (but minimal sidespill), is waterproof, and runs off of 3 regular "C" batts. Pelican uses nice, white LED's too. If waterproof isn't a problem, the Pelican M8 Recoil LED is nice too, but I wouldn't trust that thing anywhere near water. The main problem with these two lights is that they're pretty hefty, although the Sabrelite has a nice clip to clip to your pack or belt. Oh, and the Sabrelite is a twisty head while the M8 has a clickie switch on the body.

If you can go a little higher in price and don't mind the 123 batts, the Pelican M6 LED is one of my favorite recommendations. It's a fairly small package, yet it has terrific throw (comparable to the ones mentioned above), adequate flood and a pretty good runtime. Slightly more expensive and takes 123 batts so that's a personal preference. Also has a good clickie tailswitch.
The Streamlight 3C cell light is a combination LED and Incadescent. I like the smaller diameter of the C-cell light over the D-cell. This guy will put out a lot of light with three C-cells when you need it and will run a longtime on the LED's when you don't need the high output of the Incadescent.

The Streamlight AA Luxeon is a good pocket light in the LED format.

Light others have said, get the Government model CMG Infinity on the neck lanyard.