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Flat grind folder wanted, any suggestions?

Mr. Dave

Mar 10, 2000
Ok, my Delica is great for yardwork, rope, tape, making bald spots on my arm, etc. But my Synergy is better for cutting fruit, meat on the barbie, etc.

So I want a flat grind folder, blade in the 3 to 3.5 inch range, with a narrow blade that is relatively inexpensive. (after all, who wants to risk staining their Speedtech on all the citric acid in oranges?!)

Benchmade blades are too thick for this knife and feel bulky in my pocket.

I welcome all suggestions, and promise to spend hours drooling over the web pages of the makers you recommend!

There are a few Spyderco knives that fit what you want. How inexpensive are you looking for??

Try Opinel. They are lean, mean cutting machines. Very thin, flat ground blades in either carbon (my personal favorite) or stainless if you prefer. The carbon blades take an absolutely killer edge. At around $10-$15 each, try both. They are available in sizes from under 3" up to 6" I believe. Quality far exceeds the price. A knife every knut should have at least one of.
$50 would be about the upper edge. Good suggestion on the Opinel. Have 'em, like 'em. I'm looking for something with a flatter profile though, so it's not as bulky in my pocket.

If you like flat ground folders, it's practically a crime if you don't own a calypso jr. Great steel (VG-10), very light carryable package, very thin edge that takes an incredible edge, ergonomics that work very well (for me at least) in such a small package.

I guess the Benchmade 940 is out, eh? Blade thickness of 0.115 inch. It is a VERY slim little knife, ya know. I can let you take a look at my 940 sometime, if you want to meet somewhere here on the base. That is, if you're unfamiliar with the knife.

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OK, here goes:
both fit your flat ground, thin, light criteria

Cheap, no clip or stud - Gerber LST series

Expensive, clip & stud, verry nice - Al Mar ultralights

Or, how about a CRKT Point Guard (very high hollow, almost flat grind)

Or, an old-fashioned Case pocket knife or an SAK. They mostly have flat ground very shrp blades.
Twistmasters from Cold Steel have flat ground blades in very good Carbon V steel, are inexpensive, very rugged, but might be a bit bulky for your pocket. Sort of like Opinels in steroids.
Thanks for all the help.

Rockspyder, is the 940's handle slimmer than the 710?
Although they both are a bit expensive, two good flat ground blades are the Kershaw Tri-Hawk and the Spyderco Lum Chinese. The Kershaw is ATS 34 and the Spyderco is VG-10. They are both a between 3" and 3.25" in blade
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Mr. Dave:
Rockspyder, is the 940's handle slimmer than the 710?</font>

Oh yes, VERY much slimmer (narrower), and thinner. It is a nice little knife, with some emphasis on little, IMO. Although you still get nearly 3.5 inches of blade length. I think you'd like it. I'll carry it to work again tomorrow, just in case.

A dog at play has the mind of a wise martial arts master, a mind capable of perfect focus. - Marc Christophe

I second the SAKs. Flat grind, relatively thin, definitely narrow and cheap. And they are really stain resistant, easy to clean and lightweight. Just the best fruit knives for pocket ride. Most of them are shorter than your blade limits, but the Soldier will fit it, I think. Except for the grapefruits, SAKs are optimal for the usual lunch fruits (apples, pears, oranges). And you have some additional useful tools available too.
Try a Moki. Elite or Zephyr model. One is smaller , the other the larger. Japanese stainless with a drop point distilled tapered design and utilizes an extremely high (starts at the spine) hollow grind. Extremely sharp in my experience. It has a single reversible thumbstud, a removable steel pocket clip, and a honeycomb textured FRN handle. The handle is rounded and flared towards the butt and is very comfortable to hold on to. Spyderco still catalogs them at under $40 each last I recall. Great no nonsense using folder priced right.