Flattening Shapton Whetstones

Feb 28, 2018

I have not really much experience in this, and have searched the forums, but can’t find a definitive answer.

I have Shapton whetstones, 240, 1k, 2k and 5k.

What would my best solution be for flattening these.

I am currently looking at a naniwa and Norton flattening stone. Would either of those be suitable?

They sell a very pricey lapping stone. But most people I know use a diamond plate. 325 DMT should be fine. Atomas last longer but unless.your lapping all day you should be fine although it isn't that much more for the atoma.
I use a CKTG 140 diamond plate for all my stones, but I don’t have anything over 1k. That might be a little aggressive for your 2k and 5k Stone. For the price it’s hard to beat though.
For finer grit stones I like using 240 grit alum oxide slurry on a glass or granite plate. It gets them nice and flat without removing a ton of material.
DMT XXC is the only one rated by DMT for lapping waterstones. That's what I use. When it wears out I will probably get the Atoma. Use on Glass 500 and 2000.
I use an Atoma 140 which is very nice. One good thing about it (compared to DMT) it doesn't need to be worn in to avoid scratches. If you get DTM wear it in before going on to the finer stones.