flitz on fang and lagriffe? help please...

Aug 8, 1999
that's what i'm wondering, can i use Flitz on the Fang and the Lagriffe. they both have black-T or some similar protection. would it matter if there was Flitz on them. sometimes i wear them under a heavy colored t-shirt against my chest, so i'm wondering if that may give them extra protection when i'm breaking a manly sweat! "really, honey, i never saw that girl before in my life!"
Kelt, flitz should be no problem, I use it on my rekat utility and all my other coated knives. In my expiriance(sp) it will not remove any coatings.

thank you. wow, wish the IRS got the refunds out as quick as these replies come!
Actually, Flitz will wear some of the coating off of the Emerson lagriffe. I've used some Flitz on a knife with the exact same black coating and it definitely affected it. The color became lighter and generally less attractive.

Black -T and similar coatings can handle Flitz but hte powder type coatings cannot!
Ronald, I was not aware that some finishes would be harmed by it. Thanks for the tip.
Mr. President is correct. I' ve used Flitz on a few of my powder coat/ matte finishes and some of it has definitely rubbed off.


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It all depends on the coating.

But if I may say, in my experience Flitz does nothing to inhibit corrosion.

Tuff Cloth does great though.

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