Florida Art Knife Show?(Jan 29th& 30th)

Oct 27, 1998
I was thinking of attending this show, it's only about 3 hours from me, but I'm not big into knife/art pieces. I'm more of a tactical/fighter folder fan. Does this show have it all or is it strictly high $$ show pieces. Any info. would be helpful. Thanks.


You will find many peices there including tactical.

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MAKE the ART show if you can. Its definitely worth the 3 hr drive, hell I live 7 hrs away and can't afford most of the stuff I lusted over last year. They have a good blend of knives, but the makers who make hot-rod stuff are ALL there. No Benchmade or Spyderco, but you will find plenty of custom tacs. And if you like the ultra high end stuff, that is the place for it. A small show compared to the BLADE, but quality per square foot can't be rivaled on the planet....jeff