May 29, 2004
I have read that kerosene can be a substitute for borax as a welding flux. Would mineral spirits work? Diesel fuel? Just curious. Thanks
I use wd40 on a billet prior to putting in the forge and go flux-less from there to forge weld. I really don't see an advantage to using borax because to me cranking up the temp. in the forge and a good cleaning prior will keep you from needing much, if any, flux.

I think there's quite a few different combinations that can be used but I've found what works for me.
I don't know that honestly. What I'm saying is that temp. and cleanliness seems to make flux less and less a contributing factor in forge welding for me .
Ive never used borax only read about it and that was enough
I've only used kerosene and no nasty stuff to deal with
I have no idea about diesel or any other as kerosene works so well I stick with it
No flux needed. So long as the steel is clean, and the forge atmosphere is slightly fuel rich, and you have enough heat...the steel will want to weld.
I switched from kero 3-4 years ago and have had no problems welding. and I don't tack weld....
just bind the billet with steel fencing wire, and place in the forge (flat & level) and wait....
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