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folder for skinning/gutting/cutting

Sep 23, 2000
I am in the market for a folder that will be good for skinning, gutting and cutting up the meat from deer and other animals. I do not intend to cut bones. I was wanting a knife that had the blade material of 52100, 1095 or 01. I would prefer this carbon blade, because of the edge-holding ability and the ease of sharpening qualities that these steels contain. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Try a Ray Rogers Companion.I have one in Talonite and it is my daily carry.He could make you one very reasonable in one of the steels you mentioned.
I think his website is www.rayrogers.com
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I would suggest a Sebenza... for the simple reason that they are made to be taken apart which would be desireable for a complete cleaning after the chores you mentioned...
While outside of your preference for non-stainless steel, I'd have to recommend the Spyderco Wegner as well. Just find a knife shop and hold one in your hand -- then you'll understand.

If you are willing to pay the price, Bob Dozier makes some handmade folding hunters with D2 semi-stainless steel. Think $350 to $450.


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Originally posted by Brian_Turner:
I get to say it first! SPYDERCO WEGNER.

Looks like I got beat to the punch.

Wegner all the way. Excellent design for skinning. I gave one to a co-worker for use on a hunting trip. He fell in love with it. He said it was the best hunting knife he has ever used.

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You guys are cheating. He said carbon, so it doesn't count.

BTW, my suggestion would be either a Large Sebenza or a Wegner, neither of which are carbon.
I like the Sebenza better because it's 1)easier to clean and 2)the lock is stronger and adjustable for wear. But both knives are great, and you could buy 3 Wegners for the price of 1 Sebenza, and still have money left over.

But why a folder and not a fixed? If you want carbon steel, I think you might have a better selection in carbon if you go fixed. A Cold Steel Master Hunter in carbon would be a cheap way to go and you would have a dandy hunting knife (I have one in stainless). I like the Marbles Sport 99 (I'm really starting to prefer this model over the others, even though I have 4 fieldcrafts and 2 woodcrafts) in micarta. It's hard to beat a loveless design for hunting.

I'll bet Tom Mayo could whip you up a dandy carbon-steel hunting folder if you want to go custom. You might want to check him out. His designs are awesome.


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Wegner or Wegner jr.

All the Way....

Probably one of the finest skinning folders on the market Hands Down....

Can't go wrong with either blade..



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You see lot's of questions on the forums with guide lines for the answer, and then you see lots of answers outside the guide lines. Well, this one is outside the 52100, 1095, 01 guide line also!
Don't forget the Buck 110 folding hunter. It holds and edge long enough to get through most any deer, and probably as long as most knives made with "plain carbon" steels. It is also easy to sharpen. It costs around $50.00, give or take a few bucks, and is more comfortable to hold and use than many of the more expensive knives.
I can only think of a few commercially made folders large enough for that task that have carbon steel blades. If you like the large sodbuster, you can get one from Case, Eye Brand, or Kissing Crane for around $30 or less. I think you might be able to find a Schrade or Kabar folding hunter with carbon steel blades if you are lucky, I'm not sure if they make them any more. And Ontario has a few folders with 1095 blades, designed more as tactical knives than hunters.

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I'd suggest either a Benchmade 720 or a Spyderco Wegner. Not the steel your looking for but they are capable knives for the task.
If you go to buckknives.com and select "Pete's Custom Knife Shoppe" you can click on options to customize a Buck model 110 knife. I would select a BG42 alloy blade and finger grooves as a baseline. The model 110 blade shape (wide with a narrow clipped point) handles game as small as squirrels or as big as elk. The narrow-waisted handle gives a secure grip when slick with blood. The BG42 alloy is relatively easy to sharpen to a razor edge and holds that edge for a long time. This semi-custom knife costs a little over $80.00, leather sheath included.
Having been a "Professional" game processor in a past life, I can make a few recommendations: Don't use a folder, there is an inherent "potential" weak spot with a pivot. I recommend a good fixed blade. Also, don't be afraid to buy a knife with BG42, CPM420, or some other high end stainless alloy. Carbon steel has nothing over these steels.

If you are limited to a folder over a fixed blade for some reason, the CRK Sebenza is the one. As has been said, it can be field stripped and cleaned very well. The Wegner cannot and I will not carry a knife that cannot be cleaned in the field. You can't imaging how much blood, meat, fat, and hair invade the very recesses of a folding knife in field dressing! When you can't disassemble your Wegner, or most other factory knives, you can't get that junk out of the cracks and crevices. A dirty knife has the posibility to contaminating the meat in any subsequent game processing you do, and also the potential to give you a good case of food poisoning!

Bottom line, get a good custom or production-custom semi-skinner or drop point. If not, get a Sebenza. Thanks for listening.

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I know I'm new but would an LCC not be a choice? It's strong, holds an edge very well, and an open design will allow cleaning. Not to mention high quality at an affordable price. Dave
Most of these answers are out of your criteria. Including this one. Having said that, I don't know why anyone would want to use a folder for skinning and cleaning an animal. I would vote for nearly *any* fixed blade over nearly *any* folder. Just my opinion. But if you're set in your boots on a folder, I'd go with the Buck 110 or the Spyderco Wegner, both of which have been mentioned more than once.

Now, aside from customs, if you really want to be ready for every eventuality that may or may not present itself, and you're willing to *endure* (I'd rather say ENJOY) a fixed blade, give the Outdoor Edge Kodipak a good look. A guthook skinner, a smaller blade for the finer work, and a saw all in a fairly compact sheath. Not carbon steel, but it'll handle whatever comes your way in the way of game preparation.

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I am with Hoodoo & Bruce, get a fixed blade. I have done alot of deer hunting and a fixed blade is the way to go. I own a Cold Steel master hunter. Its a great knife for about $50-$60. I recentely bought 2 Bob Dozier knifes in D2 steel. The Doziers are a little more expensive at $135, but, you only will need to buy a great knife once.

Thats my 2 cents.
Corbet Sigman makes a Working Hunter from Carbon steel in a number of blade shapes for $80 US with sheath. You cannot beat these knives! I let my guide use one to gut and skin a bear I had shot and he was so taken with the knife that I gave it to him. That knife is getting so much use that it is actually wearing a little and the guide loves the knife! That said, I have a Dozier Trapper 1 on order becuase it looks likes a very strong folder and Bob's expertise with D2 is legendary!
Those before me on this thread have not given you a bum steer yet. I do not know why you would want a folder for hunting, but if you do, a Sebenza would be my first choice because of overall quality and ability to clean thoroughly. The runner ups would be Large Wegner (great blade shape) and the 110 from Pete's Custom Knife Shop at Buck Knives.

Fixed blades are the way to go for game chores. Given your preference in steel, I would suggest the Chris Reeve Skinner or Sable. I would also recommend Marbles Knives. I really like thier knives and think that ghey are good value. I have heard great things about their warranty/repair department and will let you know as soon as I get one of my knives back from them. They use 52-100 and make darned nice looking knives. Their sheaths, however, do not do their knives justice, IMHO.

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For what it's worth. I am not a hunter, just into knives. That said in the last week I've sharpened 6 buck 110's and a buck 105 fixed blade for friends to use in their deer harvesting. They are not "into knives" but local hunters who just want the job done and the buck is their knife of choice.

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