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Folder for the Wilderness!?!?

Jan 23, 2000
I am already getting a 7" fixed blade for my trip to Indonesia and I have an SAK, but what would be the ideal folder for this trip?
Well, i would suggest going to a cutlery store in your area and holding different knives to see how they feel in your hand. I held a Sebensa and i didnt like it! Anyway, the knife i carry everyday is a BM 720s, which i think is a great knife. I got it at knifeoutlet.com for about $95.
I am already getting a 7" fixed blade for my trip to Indonesia and I have an SAK

Those are not enough

If you fear that you'll loose it, get a Spyderco Endura (ATS-55 version), a big bang for the buck. If you want a keeper, go with BM 720 or 750.

Edit: BTW, which 7" knife did you get Nick?

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I am getting a Fallkniven A1 with teflon coating. I am also now considering buying the Busse basic combat after I have heard so many people ranting on about them! This folder will also be used when I get back for everyday stuff and when I go out camping!Thanks
Spyderco Wegner all the way! This folder, while designed as a folding hunter, is one of the most veratile folders out there. I carry one on duty as a full time officer in an urban environment. It also excels in the woods. I would further recommend plain edge.

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The Wegner was designed by a true to life outdoorsy type hunter dude who knows what he's doing out there in the Great White North, so why not take a Wegner with you. You could do worse and if you need to skin something, well, there it is.
I use mine for utility as I don't hunt, but it is a first rate knife for that purpose too. It does it all and does it well. 'Nuff said.

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Yep, Wegner together with the Busse #7. Throw in a nice fixed blade like the Griffith Hunter or the Blackwood Small Hunter and you're ready for a month in the outback!
For a smaller sized piece, the Wenger is an awesome knife. But if a bigger, inexpensive piece is desired, the Endura line is terrific. I bring a Goddard full size lightweight with me on every camping/hiking trip! Other then rusting slightly sometimes it is also an awesome piece. Big enough and tough enough to "POSE" as a fixed blade...
BUT.....don't forget to check knife laws AND Customs policy. Indonesia is not a truly liberal society. Damn....even some of THOSE have a bad attitude to knives . I could tell you about that


Believe me....being this old and having to live with all this experience is not the picnic I thought it was going to be.