Folder Pocket Sheaths

Jan 22, 1999
I've seen pocket sheaths for folders mentioned a few times on the forums, but I haven't seen an explanation of how they work. Can someone please educate me?

I've had a few "gentlemen's folders" that come with a slip case to protect the finish from change, etc. but the ones I've had do nothing to keep the knife in place & ready for a draw. How are the pocket sheaths different? makers/dealers? etc. Thanks for any info.


the only one I've seen is in a catalog I got from Magills ( or - it looks like a small gun pocket holster - it has a sort of a lip that is supposed to catch on the inside of the pocket when you draw the knife.
I carry my full size Crawford KFF in the Gunvideo holster, and it works quite well. I had to have the stitching redone to fit the wide handle of the KFF, and I cut off the "back" flap extension so that it wouldn't impede my grip on the knife.

Drawing is very easy, but it helps to "wipe" the holster's lip/hook on your pocket edge to aid the release. After a little practice, it becomes second nature. Depending on the size of your pocket, the knife might lean to one side or the other, but the knife will stay upright in your pocket.

I believe fellow forum member Jim Six uses an Uncle Mike's #2 gun pocket holster to carry his KFF. I haven't tried it so I can't give any first hand information, but it is cheaper.

I have Lenny`s holster that matches the Kramer for my THP.I wet and stretched to fit my DASOCOM.I am not that fond of stitching.

You can mke your own with a soft eyeglasses case that has a clip on it, if you want a quick, cheap version and you know how to sew.
It will give you the option to carry a normally clipless knife as if it had a clip. Might take a little coordination to re-sheathe it one handed, however.

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I think we discussed this else where, but I'll ask again. Has anyone else seen the case for the TiKnives?? It looks like a small, narrow eyeglass case. It has a clip on the side, to keep it in your pocket. Please someone say they have seen it. If no one else has seen it, then I must be crazy.
Thanks for all the info. Unfortunately neither Gunvideo/Magills, nor Uncle Mike's seems to have their entire catalog online.

Anyway, I think I get the idea, i.e., the sheath either clips to the pocket opening or is more or less retained by catching on the pocket as the knife is withdrawn. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Is there a commercially available sheath that somehow attaches to the inside of the pocket?


You can get a free catalog with a color picture of the holster by calling them at 800-601-8273 24 hours 7 days a week.


P.S. I don't know of any holsters that attach inside your pocket.
Just a thought - try going to a leather store and having them make you a holster of your own design out of their "scraps".

I did this for both a "pocket holster" for my Seecamp .32 and for a "pouch wallet", which I prefer to a "regular wallet".

Maybe I got lucky, but if I remember right it didn't cost me much at all (they used "scraps") and I passed out a few cigars. Possibly you could trade for an older knife you're not interested in any more (or whatever).
Thanks for the tip, Jon. Actually, I'm pretty good w/leather myself. I'll probably see what I can come up with when I have a chance.

If you want something that is sure to stay in your pocket during the draw, whip something up and pin it or sew it to the bottom of your pocket. Whatever’s best for you is, of course, best for you. But it shouldn’t be too hard to attach whatever sheath you choose to the bottom of a pocket.


Jim Six
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1. Take the blade off a KISS knife, leaving just the clip part. Bend the liner lock slightly even with the rest of the piece.

2. Using a standard nylon pouch (how many do YOU have!), punch a hole in the back of the pouch slightly (~0.5") above the level of the opening.

3. Using the pivot screw, attach the KISS clip piece to the nylon pouch, clip opposite the opening.

4. Slide the flap of the inside the pouch. This not only gets the flap out of the way, and protects the knife from the attaching screw, but helps retain the knife in the pouch.

5. Now clip the pouch inside the front pocket (works best on pants with horizontal opening pockets such as jeans), with the clip on the outside.

Now you can carry your best non-clip knives, including scale releases (Vallotton Sidewinder, Dake, Woods split handle, etc.) with total confidence and protection...and besides its finally a use for a KISS knife...


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Jim brings up an interesting material. Neoprene and Aquaseal adhesive can be obtained on
the cheap at any dive shop. This will allow you to roll your own pocket or sleeve holsters
on a budget. These materials work great for mouse guns too. A thin coating of Aquaseal
(liquid urethane rubber) on the outer surfaces of the holster will provide a surface that will
keep the holster in your pocket while you draw your knife or gun.