Folder Sheathes for Horizontal Carry

Jan 5, 2001
Can anyone tell me where to look for cordura sheathes that are set up for horizontal, as well as vertical, carry? I would like to have one for my Gerber Legend multi-tool and I'm thinking about getting one for a REKAT Sifu, so I am interested in fairly large ones.

Also, does anyone make a horizontal kydex/concealex sheath for the Legend or Sifu?

I'm trying to explore my options...
Normark is regarded highly here for his concealex sheaths. I'm sure he can set you up with what you need.

I'm not to familiar with the Sifu, but the multi tool will fit in the Junglee sheath which mounts horizontal and vertical. I have seen them sell after market and I'm sure they could help you if you contacted them directly.
Benchmades Sheath is very nice.

I wear a SwissTool in one daily...

Thank you,
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