Folder Storage

May 2, 1999
For those with a collection of folders: how do you store your knives? Open or closed? In the original box, or a custom case? Etc...
This is going to sound.....weird, but here goes. I use most of the folders I own and the ones with clips I hang on my laundry hamper, thru the little openings. Keeps them all organized and neat. If the knife has a sheath, that's where it is stored and most of those are on the end table by the front door. Later

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I used a clear plastic box, made for fishing tackle, 1/5"x10"x15", with moveable dividers. Each folder sits in it's own compartment lined with foam.

My daily carry folders stays in pants, along with my wallet. When I change pants, I take the goodies out and transfer them over. The daily carries never go into the storage box.

I take the knife out of the box it comes in, put it in its little plastic bag to protect it from dust and assorted crap and lay it on top of the box. Then I just line up my boxes!
I store my knives that aren't in current use in a drawer in my dresser that I removed the knob, have to use a screw in the hole to open the drawer, keeps the kids out...and I also keep them closed and in their respective sheaths.

<font color=#cc9900>But,</font> I've heard tell that if it is a switch bladed type knife, it's best to leave them open, keeping undue pressure off the spring, mostly on leaf spring types, not sure about the coil springs.

As long as the leather that the sheath was made with was vegetable tanned and not Chrome tanned the blades should be ok.


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I use the big red Craftsman tool storage chests from Sears. I have several and also three of the rolling base cabinets. They all have built in locks and you can get different numbers of drawers. The base cabinets are nice because they have deeper drawers to hold large fixed blades in their original boxes.


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Y'all should know, I have an empty safe and some lonely blades, so if you need to store yours somewhere I'm obliging.

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Chet, not sure on an exact method, but a friend said he can taste the difference, those that are not vegetable tanned taste bitter because they use an acid in the process. Stainless knifes tend to stay pretty well, but the name is Stain<font color=#ff0000>Less</font> not Stain<font color=#cc0000>Never,</font> so people must take care and clean their knives after use! I get so many knives to sharpen that still have the remains of whatever stuck all over it, I gave one back to a guy because it was drenched in yuck and told him to clean it before I attempt to sharpen it! it was nasty!

Well probably didn't help much, but maybe an email to Weaver Leather on the net might give you an answer that's clearer than mine.


went out and got their url, take a look they are decent people to work with.

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I bought a chest from IKEA, it has six draws I added handles I purchased from there to it.

My wife stained it and added fleece to the bottoms of each draw.

16"W x 8"d x 11 h

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Since I collect and use mostly folders with pocket clips I splurged and bought a beautiful zippered cordura knife bag from LDC Custom Knives (ph.# 706-650-0252) which holds 10 knives. I also recently purchased a cloth knife bag from Cabela's ( 1-800-237-4444) which holds six.(much cheaper)
The LDC bag is the Rolls Royce but it's pricey at $60.00.
Only you can decide...

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While many of you are refering to modern folders, I know, I do want to bring this item to the attention of any of you who might have older pieces with celluloid handles.

Many jewlery stores sell flannel cases made to hold place settings, typically a roll-up style with six or eight pockets. They often have an anti-tarnish/rust additive in them, and they're very soft. I think I pay about $5 for each. They also sell larger models made for serving pieces which are nice for larger knives or for special pieces.

I may be just paranoid, but I don't like storing blades in plastic bags. I'm just afraid of trapping humidity in the bag (remember, I'm in the Portland, Oregon area, legendary for humidity). If you can put one of those "do not eat" bags in there, that's ok (assuming you've properly baked the stuff). But, I always take mine out of plastic bags.


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