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Folding Fighter Choices...

Jan 19, 1999
Having just recently acquired a Pocket Hobbit, I wonder what other folders out there are made specifically for the role of a fighter. Any knife can be used as a weapon, but I believe that the "jack of all trades king of none" maxim holds true to folding knives. If you were to pick a folding knife based soley on it's ability as a fighter, what would you choose and why?

Crawford Kasper Companion hands down. Salient features:1) Persian profile of ATS 34- excells in slashing and snap cuts. 2) Handle confguration- deep finger groove, serrations on bead blasted micarta scales and Ti liners so the thumb stays put. Pinky hook(catch) to prevent possible lost of knife while extracting/ withdrawing. Dropped pommel for a more natural point in the saber grip. Scalloped scale for proper indexing of thumb on the draw and provides a "guide" for engaging the ambi thumb stud. Overall flat and wide profile for great control. 3)Tank tuff locking mechanism-liner lock tang is recessed from scale to minimize inadvertant unlocking while engaging in a twisting motion. Wide locking contact area between blade and liner tang.
This folder is on the large side but provides a full feel in the hand. This is my choice in a pure defensive role if I am not carrying it's big brother fixed blade, the Polkowski Kasper Companion!:)^)

Cold Steel Vaquero Grande. I was about to do a ripoff of "YMCA" called "CSVG" but in the interest of good taste declined

Jim March
I agree with Nakano. I carry the KFF everywhere. I even have a dull, blunt KFF for training against my heavy bag. You really get a good feel for a knife's abilities when you can give it a good impact workout. The KFF's handle is marvelous.

I have ordered a KFF with a Rolling lock which I feel makes it even better.

No liner lock knife can ever qualify for best folding fighter for me. I know I sound like a broken record, but I've seen and defeated too many of 'em. Just yesterday I ran into a folder from the maker of the KFF (but a different model), that the owner told me he had tested thoroughly and was rock solid. I defeated it quickily and easily. I don't trust those locks.

For "perfect" folding fighter, first of all I need a lock I can trust. The rolling lock, axis lock, integral lock, and extra-sturdy well-placed lockbacks can qualify.

Jim's rantings on the VG convinced me to buy one, and hands-on testing convinced me it's a great knife. You want length and lock strength, you got it! Go ahead, take your puny 4" folder against that 6" VG monster

'course, the dang thing is too big for me to carry all the time, so maybe it's not quite perfect! The KFF with a rolling lock, now that sounds pretty killer. I just handled an Axis, and it seems set up pretty good also, though doesn't have the large blade width that adds so much heft to the KFF.

With Spyderco and Microtech modifying their locks or trying new ones, it looks like a clean sweep of all the important manfacturer players searching to improve or replace the liner lock. We'll see some cool designs coming up, with locks you can actually trust.

Joe, the KFF's liner release, is filed down so it can only be closed with two hands. I cannot think of any foreseeable way of making that liner lock fail with just my bare hands. I'm curious, what exactly did you do to defeat the lock on the other model by same maker?
Wow. Check out the THE OPERATOR Mark II by Andre de Villiers. Does that look mean or what?


Don't know if the liner would stand up to Joe's test? But, damn- that thing looks mean.

He seems to have solid products. Anybody own or handled one of his knives? What do you think?

Ronald --

Filing down the lock is the best way to prevent the white-knuckle type failures. The lock on the knife I used had the same feature. If I disengaged it by hand, I had to use two hands.

The best way for you to see how I auto-disengage a liner lock is to watch me do it. If I describe it, it doesn't quite work. Steve Harvey is the guy who owned the knife, and he had tested it thoroughly, including doing the test I did. I just did it a bit differently. I defeat 'em with a LIGHT to MEDIUM (never hard) whack to the spine, but something I do makes 'em fail when other people doing the same test can't fail 'em. After I showed Steve how to do it, I think he failed the same knife.

Maybe at the LV show I'll get together with some of the guys and show 'em how I do it. Perhaps someone else can describe it better than me.