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Folding kitchen knife revisited

I remember looking at a manufacturer's website that sold a folding kitchen knife (no kidding), and I think the URL came from one of the BF threads.

Does anyone recall the URL? I'd like to have another look. Thanks.
Is this it?


The direct link is:


"A knifeless man is a lifeless man"
-Nordic proverb

Thanks David, yes I believe this was the one.

Things will get sticky here in Sept when you stop acting as our historian
Looks like a great blade to have handy at company barbecues. I've had to produce knives to help on many occasions and they really go nuts when I get my CS Trailmaster or Recon Scout out of the trunk.

Besides, it really makes 'em crazy to see what knife I'll pull out next.


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I just noticed that thing has a blade hole and pocket clip! 'Uh... yes officer this is a kitchen knife'

"A knifeless man is a lifeless man"
-Nordic proverb

I've thinking about purchase it for a while now, does anybody own one?? and what do you think???
I have one.

One thing I should point out immediately, the blade hole is not for one-hand opening, and indeed is badly placed for that. AG told me it was just there to help with 2-hand opening, if you want to use it. He specifically put it way out of the way so you wouldn't be tempted to use it one-handed.

Whether or not you like this knife definitely depends on your expectations. It's got very good edge geometry, and the blade shape is useful. The smaller size means this knife won't replace your full-size santuko for kitchen chores, obviously. But as a travel and picnic knife, I love it. The downside is that the thin and somewhat squared sheetmetal handles aren't the most comfortable things in the world, and because of the size you won't always get full knuckle clearance, so depending on where you're working on the blade, you might have to make sure the handle is hanging off the board.

My summary is, if you've never wished you had a smaller more compact kitchen knife that folded for safety, for travelling/camping/picnics, then you probably won't be happy with this knife once you get over the gimmick factor. But if you do have a niche for such a knife, and are willing to accept some handle compromises, you'll really like it. I definitely do.

The all SS handles seem more for glitz than practicality. Seems like kitchen knives are more likely to get slippery and even G-10 may make more sense, at the risk of being branded a AFKK

ATS-34 doesn't seem common either. Seems like the potential for chipping would be high for bones given the RC 60-61 (from what I've heard). Thanks also for the mini-review Joe.
AG and I discussed using handle scales to widen the handle a bit. My memory is hazy, but I vaguely remember him telling me that it would make the knife more difficult to clean. Guess he has a point. More importantly, it would probably raise the price more, and I think A.G. has hit the right price point for a knife in this niche.