Folding knife sheaths

Absolutely, I don't care for clips (except for the old Spyderco, zytel ones)
so I usually carry my knives in a nylon belt sheath.
Depends on how important it is to me to protect the finish. I would think if I were fortunate enough to have one of your knives it would certainly reside in a pouch, perferably lined.
Does anyone make a sheath that clips to the edge of a pocket so that it rests inside a pocket? With different colored clips to match common cloth types it would be a very discreet way to have a knife handy.
The way I see it, the whole point of a folder is that you don't need a sheath.

The only thing that I use that is even remotely like a sheath is the fith pocket on my Levi's.
I prefer clips but if I were to carry a custom knife I would use the sheath.A sheath would protect the knife from the elements much more so than using the clip.

Assuming the knife has a clip, I carry mine that way. When the knife is not in the pocket, it resides inside of the sheath to protect against scratching, dust, accidental dropping, etc.

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Depends on a couple of things, how fast I want to be able to draw the knife, and how comfortably the knife carries in the pocket.

My favorite small folder is the David Boye lockback, and I have been getting custom handled ones with no clip because they are very light and ride nicely in the bottom of my pants pocket. They clips on them were never a great design either. They don't retain the knife extremely well, and they are a little fragile. I generally don't need to worry about how fast I draw it.

I carry my REKAT Pioneers in a pouch sheath too, because I don't like the clips.

Pat Crawford sent me a nice pouch with my Carnivore. Don't use it. The clip works well.

The large Apogee rides very nicely in a front pants pocket, and is a great defensive design, so clipped it shall be for me. I thought about a belt sheath for it, but it would be big, more conspicuous than pocket carry.

So, generally, anything that is somewhat hefty, and has a serviceable pocket clip, gets carried that way. I generally carry folders to be inconspicuous and avoid the weird CA. carry laws. If I am going to carry something big on my belt, it might as well be a fixed blade.


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I like folding knife sheaths as an option when I'm hiking, camping, or boating since there's the chance it'll "unclip" itself to whatever I have it attached to. I'm not sure if it's cost effective to include them naturally with a knife sale (if that's where you're going with this), but it might be a great low-cost option to offer.


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I don't...if I were to I would go with one of my own Kydex sheaths or a Graley design that carries the knife horizontally right over the belt. This is more comfortable, less noticeable, and just seems a little cooler all around!

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I have been getting custom leather sheathes made by G2 and Gfeller casemakes for several folders lately. I have to contact Brian soon about sheathes for the Apogee's

Personally I like to use clips, they are much handier for daily use...If the knife has no clip a sheath is a must, unless its a pocket knife, which of course is for the pocket. I feel that clips have changed the way we carry folders forever. Carrying something more on our pants I don't need. They also get in the way abit when driving. StarTac, pager, multi pants are falling off..I do think the horizontal carry is cool if you must
..I even carry the Leatherman Sideclip....CLIP IT I SAY.. But I do love to carry my Turson Jungle machette hanging from my Pantagonia webb belt when I go to the mall..I get some really good buys...
My preference is for a folder without a clip, mostly because I'm more concerned with how comfortable they are using for an extended period, than anything else, and I haven't had any folder with a clip that is as comfortable as the same design without one.
I also don't like having the folder attached to my clothing in a spot where its likely to get scratched, banged, dinged, and otherwise out in the open for folks to see.

That means I carry a folder one of three ways. One is just in the bottom of a pants pocket. Right now I've got a A.G.Russel Jess Horn model in a leather slip pouch in my right rear pocket for utilty chores. Not intended for fast access, just a comfortable spot to carry one all the time.
Another good carry spot is the watch pocket on a lot of the new jeans, since they are narrow and deep, and will conceal completely a 3" or so blade folder. If I do carry a small folder with a clip, I'll usually carry it in the watch pocket, out of the way.

Last carry option is a pouch. For larger folders, including ones I make myself, I much prefer that to a clip, and my favorite carry pouch is of the 'stealth' came off the Gerber Multi-tool that is in my backpack! Its big enough, and there is enough adjustment to the velcro to fit a range of large folders, plus is slightly padded to protect the knife, with a soft liner.
Best of all, nobody wonders what you're carrying...just assuming you've got one of those belt workshops, like half of everyone else up here. Popping the velcro and pulling the folder is not a heck of a lot slower than pulling a knife with a clip.

I am liking sheath more and more, especially horizontal ones.

They give less away, and are more secure in my opinion.

I lost a CRKT S-2 out of my pocket.

Also, the issue of uncomfortable clips is an important one as I get more and more picky about handles.

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