Folding knife w/horse head bolster

Mar 28, 2000
I'm looking for folders with horse head bolsters. I'm thinking particularly about a folding bowie made in the 80's by Parker. It was really cool and I kept putting off getting it until it wasn't available. I'd appreciate any help in finding one or more of them, or any similar folders.

I know the folders you are talking about and all I can suggest at this moment is Smokey Mt, Atlanta Cut and some of the cheap places like Bud K might have some kicking around. I haven't seen them offered for a few years now. Good luck and if I hear of any will let you know.
Thanks, Bob
I'll look to see if I have those catalogs to get a phone #, but if you have them handy I'd appreciate those too. You'd know just how much I'd appreciate it if you could see the condition of my office.

Also, check e-bay. It seems the Parker folding bowies come up fairly regularly. I think there were 18 or 20 of the reproductions released by Parkers and Smokey Mountain does have a nice display of the whole collection.


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