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Discussion in 'Spyderco Forum Archive' started by wkrafft, Mar 20, 2000.

  1. wkrafft

    wkrafft Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 12, 1998
    I sent an e-mail to customer service regarding my Starmate and haven't recieved an answer yet. Could anyone here help?
    I'd rather know what i was getting into before sending in the knife.
    Below is the basics of the e-mail:

    >>>>If you open the knife (Starmate) and push on the spine of the blade you can see the liner-lock slide down the tang of the blade. Not far enough to close but far enough that I am concerned with the safety of the lock.

    This is a modified one that has some relief in the scale and liner to allow for easier left-hand operation.
    I knowingly purchased this knife from a Bladeforums member. Hence, I would imagine that this voided the warranty.

    I guess my questions are:

    Can it be repaired without replacing the scale & liner? If so, How much?

    If the scale and liner need to be replaced I would obviously
    lose the modifications but would do so for the safetys' sake.
    Hence, How much would this cost?

    Thank you for your time.<<<<<<

    Well, any help would be great



  2. Angela


    Nov 22, 1999
    Hi Walter,

    You are correct, the modification does void the replacement warranty. However, we will do anything we can to help. There may be a minimal fee (usually not more than $10.00 or $15.00).

    The first thing we need to do is get it here. Do you have the mailing address?

    Spyderco Warranty / Repair
  3. SALTY

    SALTY Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 19, 2000
    Good luck with with Spyderco CS! Spyderco is big on merketing and light on standing behind their products. With enough begging and pleading, you might get someone to, eventually, do something for you ... for a fee. Buy a Buck and experience what a company that really appreciates their customers is all about.

    Spyderco could care less about you after you buy one of their products; if you get anywhere at all, it is for the benefit of them getting their "naminal" fee; usually about 15-25% of the cost of the knife !! &^%$^#%

    Talk with knife dealers, they will tell you about Spyderco. Most brands they carry, the dealer feels comfortable taking your money because they know that the manufacturer is behind the product ... talk to them about Spyderco, their CS, or lack thereof, is fairly well known!!!
  4. wkrafft

    wkrafft Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 12, 1998
    Thank you for the quick reply. Greatly appreciated. I will get it in the mail this week. I assume I can mail it to the address at Spyderco's web-site, with "attention warranty/repair"?
    Thanks again for the reply.

    Sorry, but I must disagree. I've only dealt with Spyderco Customer Service twice before (because the product is so good, the knives rarely need service) and both experiences were excellent.
    And the above reply after what, 24 hrs, is another case of good Customer Service. Yes, my e-mail went unanswered but things sometimes happen. And in the end, I'm happy.
    Guess that's what counts.
  5. clip point

    clip point

    Nov 14, 1998

    Have you experienced a problem with Spyderco products first hand?

    I never have, but I think if you brought it up here you might get it taken care of.

    Buck? What's that? [​IMG]

  6. Clay Kesting

    Clay Kesting

    Oct 10, 1998

    I too would be very interested to hear of your experiences with Spyderco's Customer Service or are your opinions purely based on hearsay. You clearly haven't spent much time on this forum or you would realise that most people here would not share your views.

    For my part I sent my Wegner Jr back because it had developed vertical blade play. It was replaced, without question, with the knife of my choice as the plain blade Wegners were no longer available. Nor was there ever any talk of a "naminal" charge. The staff have gone out of their way to be helpful.

    I would be interested to hear if any of the dealers, who post here, would agree with the dealers to whom you have spoken.

    If you are going to come onto the board with provocative posts like the one above, you need to have good hard facts to back them up.


    Don't worry that the world might end tomorrow....in Australia it's tomorrow already.

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  7. Sal Glesser

    Sal Glesser Moderator Moderator

    Dec 27, 1998
    Nimrod - 3 posts total, 3 on this forum, and all three negative about Spyderco and positive about Buck. Methinks you would be happier hanging out at the Buck forum?

  8. SALTY

    SALTY Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 19, 2000
    Clay and others: 1. "Naminal" is the way I spell "nominal" when I do not use spellcheck. 2. As to my "clearly" not having spent much time at this forum because I dared to state my opinion, (yes, based upon first hand experience) with that opinion not exactly waving the company banner; how dare I not get into lockstep with the people who DO spend much time on this forum. Ooooh Spyderco ... I'm not worthy; please forgive.

    Now, to the substance of your inquiry/challenge. Yes, Spyderco does make decent products, I have several. The old style clip broke on a folder and I went to my friendly neighborhood dealer where I purchased the knife. He stated that he knew the knife wasn't that old and that I did purchase it there. He said that if it were a Buck (a male deer, rearward kicking of both hind legs by a horse or similar animal or, IMHO, one of the best production knives for the price and the best company to deal with). Anyway ... could not get through on the phone to CS, letter (1) went un answered (never did send an email, not it would have mattered, apparently). After many calls I eventually got through to warranty and had to listen to how the clip is not warranteed, they would have to re-build the knife and then, after much fighting, I got the old you can pay the nominal fee (approx. 15-20% of what I paid for the knife ) routine. Another knife dealer, at a show, also stated to me that Spyderco's view towards warranty work is "a little tough."

    I broke (through abuse) a Buck 110, sent it to Buck with an honest note as to how it broke and shipped my 5+ year old, worn and used looking 110. What I got back was a brand new looking knife in perfect shape, at no cost, no shipping, no naminal, no nothing!

    An older Spyderco was getting a little loose, when I eventually got through, their opinion was that if I wanted a new knife, I should go buy a new knife. The implication was clear that my Spyderco exceeded it useful life.

    In closing, no malice against you guys intended. I'm sorry, I did not know about this forum not inviting different opinions. The next time I reply to something on this forum I'll just say "ditto" or "rah-rah" and then we can all be friends.
  9. Llamedos


    Jul 14, 1999
    The 'a' is nowhere near the 'o'
  10. Dannyc


    Feb 20, 1999

    The 204 Video has landed!!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you!! [​IMG]
    I spent the whole afternoon watching it, and learning a LOT of things at the same time.

    Sal, I had quite a couple of laughs when you weren't finished in demonstrating the different tools, and the hosts are moving onto the next topic or something.. hehehe. [​IMG] But hey, it was very informative and very helpful, to say the least. Thanks!

    What's that knife you're wearing on your pocket? a Military?! [​IMG]

    You want customer service?! How's this for customer service? I'm located halfway around the world, and STILL Spyderco CS found time for me, even on the phone! They never hurried the conversation, people there are all pleasant to talk to, and they WILL take care of your problems, guaranteed. Actions speak louder than words, they say... and in my book, Spyderco is ALL ACTION.

    So there!

    Thanks guys!

  11. JH225

    JH225 Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 7, 1999
    Nimrod [​IMG],

    Let me get this right, you broke a clip off an older model and you are given a hard time about getting it fixed? Well, Sal and Co. have said time and again on these forums that if a plastic clip breaks off, just send the knife back to them and they will replace the clip with a new metal one. Hummmm...sounds a little strange.

    You also state that you "abused" a knife and they inferred that you should buy a new one. Again, Sal and Co. have stated many times that if you send the knife back to them they will do their best to make it look as close to new as they can. Also not that abuse is different from hard use.Hummmm...sounds a little strange again.

    The MANY buyers of Spyderco products know that they are the sharpest knives out of the box, give you excellent value for your money, and that they stand behind their products. What other company can you stick your knife in the mail, sned it to them and they will sharpen and repolish the knife for you at no charge and ship it back to you at their expense?

    They have even gone so far as to send me some clips and assemblies so that I could try out an idea I had, and no, they did not charge me for them.

    Oh and by the way, I AM a dealer and I push the Spyderco brand over all others because I feel that they are the best value out there.

    C.O.'s-"It takes balls to work behind the walls "
  12. Brian C

    Brian C

    Jan 22, 1999
    Nimrod, your alleged experiences w/Spyderco customer service are so atypical vs. mine & those of my friends that, frankly, I don't find them to be credible. That, in combination with the hostile tone you used to convey your story, leads me to believe you are simply acting as a troll.

  13. Angela


    Nov 22, 1999
    Hello All, Geez, that'll teach me to stay off the forums for a couple of hours! [​IMG]

    Thank your all of your kind words.

    Walter, yes, the address is the same as on the website. I look forward to assisting you.

    Nimrod, we do everything we can to conduct business in a fair, honest and proper manner. If you feel you have not been treated in this manner, I would love to hear about your experience. Feel free to call me at the office (ext. 255).

    Danny, Whew..thank goodness. I am so glad it finally made it!


    -- Respect Costs Nothing ---

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  14. Clay Kesting

    Clay Kesting

    Oct 10, 1998

    I apologise if you thought I was making fun of the way you spelt nominal. That was certainly not my intention, I had thought that perhaps you were trying to convey a Southern drawl [​IMG]. If you had entered some information about yourself I could have avoided the mistake.

    Nobody objects to you stating an opinion here. This forum welcomes differing opinions and encourages informed discussion. What got my back up was the way that you did it. If you had spent more time here you would understand that the regulars come here because we enjoy using and collecting Spyderco products and we appreciate the time Sal Glesser spends answering our queries and helping with problems. This is a friendly place where you can relax and have fun. So far we have avoided the flames that have spoiled discussion elsewhere and I, for one, would like to keep it that way. If you posted on any of the other manufactures' forums using similar language I am certain that you would have received the same response. Alternatively, if you had explained the problems you had being having and asked for help, you would have received a much more positive response, as have many others in similar circumstances.

    Take care,


    Don't worry that the world might end tomorrow....in Australia it's tomorrow already.

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  15. ptn


    Sep 6, 1999
    I just have to jump in here and add a couple penny's worth:
    I've had to avail myself of Spyderco's customer service department twice. Both instances have been positive experiences. I must say that I've gotten the feeling that Spyderco cares about my experience with their knives. I've gotten timely email responses to questions.....and if I've had to wait a little bit for a resolution to a problem, the outcome has been just what one would expect from a company with integrity and what must be concern for the customer's satisfaction.
    I'm on the bandwagon "waving the compay banner" because my experience with Spyderco has shown it's a good flag to rally around. Besides, they make a darn fine knife.

    My two cents... Rock on Spyderco and keep doing what you're doing.


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  16. SALTY

    SALTY Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 19, 2000
    I would like to apologize to this forum for bringing my personal beef with Spyderco Customer Service/Warranty to this public forum. In retrospect, I should have been more sensitive to the potential of ill that it generated, for which I am sorry.

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