FOR SALE: Custom Scourge Khukuri with micarta

Kailash Blades

Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider
Nov 21, 2015
Hey guys! We recently sent out a very cool custom Scourge to Austria. Slimmed down guard, acid wash, micarta handles and a mean old fuller. Only issue is it was supposed to have blue handles!
Our mistake is your gain however as we're looking for a buyer for this blade while we ship our customer out another piece.
Hand forged from 5160 in Kathmandu, this is a rugged and high performing chopper with some great modern styling and ergonomics. It comes with our lifetime warranty for performance ground blades and should serve you well until the end of your days. It even has a built in bottle opener- what more could you want?

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Details are:
Handle: 5.25inches
Handle material: Black micarta.
Spine: 7mm
Weight: 840 gm
Sheath: stacked leather.
Price: 220$ before shipping.
Shipping from Austria so international shipping costs may vary. Within the EU should be about $45 usd, outside of there will range from $80 to $110. These are estimates based on shipping calculators- if you're interested and can provide an address we can easily get you an exact cost.
Take care,
Andrew and the team at Kailash.