For Sale

Oct 16, 2000
Hey guys,

I'm selling a 30" King Kobra, figured I'd give the good foks of the forum first shot at it. The Kobra is in perfect condition, with a nice grey streak on the horn handle

Only Problem is that I ordered it slightly dull...but it could be razor sharp with a few minutes of work

price is $140
Who was it that was wanting a 30" King Kobra?
Bobwill was it you?
I "know" it was one of the new guys here!

I can never find a recent post when I'm looking for it.



Indin word for lousy hunter.
Yvsa, yep, 'twas I. But, more an idead for the future. First purchase I have something smaller in mind. That's a great deal though, especially since you can't get them from Uncle Bill anymore.
I'm interested, but as I explained, I already have 3, and a forth would just be braggin'!

Good luck
Maybe someone wants to trade?
Bill Martino did you say 'convention'?
As you know to us Nevadans, thats a household
word. Where, when, who....?