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Oct 14, 1998
Just came back from a fair and bought an overseas copy of Cold Steel Clip Point Voyager for $2.

9" open and made overseas this lockback has a mock zytel (read plastic) handle. The clip point blade is probably 440C with rough grind lines and a loosely glued on ambidexterous thumb disk. Think of the SpyderHole filled up with plastic.
There is cross hatching on one side of the handle and both sides of the disk.

The molded on clip and the flared 1" butt are the worst package on a knife I've ever seen. Placing the knife in your pocket is uncomfortable, it feels like your ripping into your pocket. The butt sticks out so much you can actually snag something.

Opening the knife
There is only one way to open this knife one handed and that's pushing the studs but you have to be careful AND precise. Ignoring the fact that the studs are a little loose, the slightest push down and the entire blade goes against the inside of the handle.
In other words, loose pivot point.

To replicate the stops on a CS folder, the maker carved some groves on the inside of the blade near where the bar meets. So you get a multiple stage (3 groves) opening.

The point is rather blunt but pointy enough. The edges are really roughly ground and cutting through paper is a drag, really. Yes you can cut through paper and stab but not as easily as your standard name brand folder.

Conclusion. The cross hatching on the handle is a joke, not even close to giving you grip. However, the handle design can let you poke into things okay. The spine of the blade does not meet flush with the lock bar and both the lock and blade play with each other. The blade itself is 10 degrees off center.

I'll be honest, I picked the STRONGER of the knives on the table. The copies of the Spyderco Harpy and Rescue had blade play as before I even opened them halfway. So why did I buy this knife? I needed a trainer
Cheap knives suck. My brother was using a Frost Cutlery Police II (BM Spike knock off) I gave him to open a box. The pivot pin fell out, the liners jammed to the opposite side, and the blade rotated backwards jamming the liner into the opposite handle scale. What a piece of crap!

He ended up finishing the task with the EDI Genesis II I gave him.

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Funny thing, 5 min with a bench grinder and I got a trainer AND I can now do inertial openings in each grip. Which I couldn't do before with the knife.
You probably heated the blade and the pivot pin, moulding the plastic ;luckily you had a better knife in the end, but i think the odds to make it never close again were about the same.

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