? for those with HF 10" 12sp Table Top Drill Press

Jun 27, 2010
I picked this drill press up yesterday, assembled it, and still have the part in the pic below. It's not labeled (from what I can see) on the parts list in the manual, it isn't mentioned anywhere in the assembly instructions, and I haven't been able to find it in the diagrams.

Do any of you with this drill press remember where this part went, or know what it's for?

That is the drift to release any tool, bit or drill chuck from the morse taper. You will find a slot it fits. Put it in and give a tap with a hammer, don't forget to support the drill chuck because it will fall off or out. Jess
That's funny. I bought the same one yesterday. It's still boxed up in the garage. I got a pretty bad sunburn over the weekend and put off shuffling things around in the garage to set things up. I'm putting in a work table to have space for the power tools and a vice without having to setup and take down all the time. Unfortunately there's cleaning to do first, and doing that while your entire upper body stings and itches even before you start sweating is not fun.

I went in planning to get a cheaper little one and upgrade to something better later, but decided to just bite the bullet. If it works well I'm set for a while. If not I return it and find something else or get a cheapo and keep looking for a used good press or mill.