For you, what is the king of the choppers?

Sep 23, 1999
Picture it: you're headed into the bush for the day/weekend/whatever, and you reach for your favorite big knife. What is it? I'm curious as to WHAT people have choses, as well as WHY.

I'm thinking people kinda choose between Becker brutes/matchaxes, Newt Livesay's RTAKs or that other big chopper he makes, Busses, Cold Steel Kukris, Himilayan Imports or Ghurka House kukris, maybe the Anaconda from TOPS, and Busses. Which goes in your pack, and why?
Jerry Hossom machete (I dont actually own one!)
Why: He knows what hes doing and he uses 3V! :)
I prefer the Brute (mine is a Blackjack) since it has a "flat" or "anvil" area on the top edge where you can pound it with a log, etc. to cleave thru other objects.

I also like the Machax (mine is an original BKT with the wood handles) but the curved blade can be a little tricky to use.
Cold Steel Kukri Carbon V. It's big heavy and the blade is THICK. The only problem is that I've heard that Carbon V not coated can rust real easy, so I always wipe it down after a hunting trip or a day clearing the paint ball field :D . I also have a CS Bowie stainless, very nice.

Finally, a friend of mine has an original 1917 Bolo that works great.
Some years ago, I bought a "bushwacker", to use in the military. I enjoyed clearing the close vicinity from brushes, small trees and other objects, which could interfere with the line of fire. Somehow I was very often "consulted" when there were some clearing to do...

The bushwacker is now retired, but I intend to sharpen it, as it got heavy nicks and dents on the edge.
I'd take my Leuku. It is suitable for Finnish climate and forests. With its 20 cm blade I can chop those things I want to chop with a knife. It is quite light and is not suited for prying as It is of hidden tang design with wooden handle. It is better in whittling than e.g. Fällkniven A1. Its handle is really good in chopping.
It seems so obvious, and not probably what your looking for, but my big chunky double-bladed choppin' axe will out chop anything you got in a longblade.

If chopping/splitting will be it's primary purpose, my big blade of choice would be my HI 18" AK. (Follow the "toys" link & go to my khukuri page for a pic of it with split fire wood.) Otherwise, I'd pick my HI 18" WWII for all-around utility & ease of carry.
An axe! They will out chop a knife any day. If I had only one tool though, and it had to be a knife, it would be my basic 9.
If I feel like carrying the weight, my first choice is my Estwing Camper axe, which I carry with a medium sized fixed blade for general camp cutting. If weight is an issue like when I'm climbing hills and small mountains, I like to take a kukri, like the Ontario knives version or the CS light. They don't work as well as a small axe, but they can do other chores much better than an axe. I do plan on buying a big Busse though, probably a Battle Mistress, just to see if it is the "answer" I've been looking for. I've also learned to carry a fairly large fixed blade when I'm out steelhead fishing Southeast Alaska streams. The brush along the bank can be a tangled bother sometimes and something like a Busse Basic #7 works well for clearing a narrow path through the alders and salmon berry bushes, not to mention the devil's club. I'm still looking for the perfect blade though.
A chainsaw.:D.

No, seriously...I would have to cast my "vote" for my Cold Steel Gurkha Kukri...That is one "bad blade".:).
If I have to carry it around all day, my Busse SH-E.
If I'm at a campsite, my 15" H.I. Ang Khola. I just keep looking for more excuses to chop stuff up with this puppy... :)
My big daddy chopper is a Case Sodbuster JR. No really, the one that I use and carry in my camp box is the Cold Steel Recon Scout. I know it is not as big as the Becker, or Busse but it works for me with the help of and old Marbles camp axe. The reason I use the Scout, is because of the thick blade, and durability. You can strap it on your side, and it is not too big for other tasks.

I would rather have a Becker BK1 or BK4 to take its place, but I am way too tight. I like the fact that they have the Kydex sheath, and the reputation of being a Hard Use knife.

SuRvIVal bOWIe
Right now my Fowler Camp Knife inflicts the most damage on the dangerous saplings and fire wood I encounter. It's got a good forward balance and just feels right, though I have a Survival Bowie from MMHW on the way (thanks Kumdo)....guess a "chop off" contest is in order :)
Either my Patrol Machete or my Aitor Bolo Machete! As soon as I get the Aitor back from Dexter ;) anyway!

Forgot to put why!:rolleyes:
I like both because they are long enough for good reach in briars and such, they are thin enough to be light and quick, they have great geometry with forward balance for good chopping, lastly, they both have pretty good steel for blades of this type.
Anaconda 9. It has the perfect weight, and slight dropped handle. Chops better than my CS tommyhawk. ourse, I have a MMHW Survival Bowie coming, so it may change!