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Forge Titanium?

Yes you can. Go to Dog Fogg .com and check out Dons forged Ti or email him. He has done several knives from forged ti side plates

Web Site At www.darrelralph.com
You can definitely forge it although it remains fairly stiff even at a bright orange heat. Also the scale is a real bear to get rid of afterwards. Sometimes it is better to grind to shape and then do some hot twists to get those forged effects.

I made a bracelet with really nice hammer marks once that I just couldn't clean the scale out of to my satisfaction. I didn't know about scotchbrite wheels and such back then which would have helped even though they would have softened the hammer marks.

Try it and see for yourself! All you really need is a propane torch and an anvil of some sort for small pieces.

Hint: There is a bark on the milled titanium. Grind and clean the surface well before hammering and polish the anvil surface and hammer face and you can minimize scale inclusions.

Peter Atwood

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