Forge welding PLEASE HELP

Apr 16, 2003
did you grind the weld sites clean before trying to weld.... right to bare metal..

- the flux mostly provides a barrier between oxygen and the steel... so leaving oxides in the weld site is not the best

- when you set the weld...... don't paste it with a heavy motion.... use lite and firm/pressing taps..... you want the steels to come into contact...

it seems if you hit too kinda buzzes the plates appart... :(

-- once welded.... don't work the steel cold..... keep it in a higher forging temp or you may risk a delamination

don't takes practice.... one of these'll just click and your mojo will kick in

Apr 15, 2002
I don’t think you getting it hot enough myself if its at a good welding heat you can slap it on the anvil and weld it most tend to drive the molten steel away from the weld .
Get some good steel then let us know if your having trouble sound like gunk steel to me may be your problem but remember you have to think it will weld
have fun bowie
Aug 5, 2004
Man This post is back from the dead.... :D But any info is the best. Thanks for the replies guys. I tinker with forge welding a little here and there but like its been said I dont think I have it hot enough. Plus that flux ate the crap out of my insulwool, satinite and ITC100. Maybe sometime this month I will make a forge just for welding.


Oh and laredo7mm Have you had any luck wiht the cable?