"Forgot" to bring a hatchet

Apr 30, 2010
So, I went camping a couple weeks ago, and conveniently forgot to bring my hatchet :D.
Really nice location, in Field, BC:

My wife and some friends were bicycle touring, and the girls and I drove up to join with them in the Jeep. As you can guess from the hanging glacier in the picture, it was not exactly the warmest locale, so we needed a fire. But no-one had a hatchet. So, I popped out the RC4 and got to work:

Buddy kept saying "we should just go borrow an axe or something", but he never moved - just watched what I was doing, kind of unbelieving. Needless to say, I had a fire going shortly, even though it was quite damp, and we had a ripper before long. In the morning, I repeated the process!
I'm jealous. I've been borderline obsessed with BC for a while now and this seals the deal. Nice to see the knife got some action, too.
man the background in the first pic is spectacular, got any more pics like that???
Wow, beautiful county. We sure don't have scenery like that here in Missouri.

RC-4 FTW! I had mine about 5 minutes before I batoned with it. Great knife, my favorite for sure.
thats a great view.. thanks for posting. makes me jealous that i am stuck in my office haha
I don't have any pics quite the same idea as that, but I put together a little gallery of my pics from the Rockies: http://gallery.me.com/digeraticomputing#100055


Keep in mind, these pics are from BC, Alberta, and Montana. I have included pics from the "proper" rockies, as well as smaller ranges of the Rockies.
cool. but I can bet that you'd never forget the RC-4 and bring the hatchet ;)
your killing me with those Rocky's pictures. I lived in Montana for a season doing backcountry trail work, and I loved it. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. I guess I will now go back and look at my pictures from that summer...
Yah, not the kind of place a guy would want to model his panties or anything . . .
it was 111 degrees where I was last nite.
6 hours at a double header baseball game for my sons' high school team...
100 % humidity...it rained 5 miles over..we could see the lightning...but just a total steam-bath where we were.

Spending that time soaked to the bone...those pics look really nice, brother! Good job on the fire prep with the RC-4 too!