Formal Introduction

Welcome Mark!
i will definitely be using you guys when i get back.
Welcome! I would like to try out your service soon.
glad to see you have your own forum now :thumbup:. i'm sure the guys will like your services from what i have hears and read from other makers.
Here's a down & dirty example of a recent order.

Customers pattern in acrylic>traced & scanned>nest per raw material size>1st piece approval>balance machined>shipped.

Thanks for viewing.


You did a great job, Mark. That sure beats trying to saw them out. Can't get that close with a saw for sure. See you in Atlanta.
I'm certainly sold on you guys. I've got a few pieces that are just too oddly shaped to be practical in the shop but, Mark knocked them out in no time at all. The service was great, communication was prompt and the cost was more than reasonable.
Thanks for the feedback fellas!
We aim to please!
Very neat! :) I look forward to selling enough knives to be able to use you.

Been a pleasure chatting with you, Mark and very much looking forward to my order with you guys shortly!

Grats on the new sub forum!

Hi, I’m a carver and a knife maker who's interested in ordering blanks. My website, which features a few of my knives among other carvings, is [xxxxxx].

I'm hearing positive feedback about your work, and my goal is to stop spending unnecessary time cutting out single blades using low-tech tools. I’d like know more about having some blanks made from high carbon steel as well as info on pricing per ea. or for quantity for 5" blades with hidden tang.

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Tom, sorry I missed your post.
Please email me direct at with any questions you have.