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Jun 14, 2000
Is it possible to have a few more Forum Skins to choose from?
^^^ hes jaded!! lol :cool:

this is a good topic, though.. :D
Yeah, it's possible, I just don't really have a lot of time to be screwing around these days on it, so I just stick with what we have most of the time.
So I'm guessing that's a "no"? ;)
Forum Skins change the overall color scheme of the foum. If you go to Edit Options under the User CP you will find the tab to change the skin at the bottom. Currently we have the Default Style, VBulliten Large Font, VB Test Skin, Swamp Rat, and another I think.
Alright I kept quiet for as long as I can, does'nt anybody see the humor in this, FORUM SKINS as in what's left after Sparks Bris? Forum Skins :D

No, it must be the medication, I've been laughin' all day. :)

Oh well no offense intended. :footinmou
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I was thinking of Red and White for the bali forum rather tehn blue and white.