Forum Subscription

Well, something's working, because I keep getting e-mails telling me people have responded to threads I'm "subscribed" to -- that I posted on. I gotta turn that off or I'll spend all day reading e-mails!
Yeah me too, it seems to be working for me. Last night i got over 40 emails before I realized that I needed to uncheck that little box before posting my replies :)
Yeah, that is kind of annoying!
Hey Spark.

That email thing is a default when posting a reply or posting a new topic. If it was started that way, it seems to be that way for everyone that replies, etc.
I went through and set the defaults for all profiles so that "Notify?" is now set to No, but if you were already subscribed to a thread before that, you'll have to unsubscribe now to stop getting emails.

I've also fixed the unsubscribe / subscribe feature, so you can now use it through threads and the control panel.