Forum upgrade seems to be working!


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Oct 2, 1998
So that's a plus.

Search seems to be working too, another goody!

I'll be messing about with the forums themselves to see what all has changed, and all the forums seem to be operational, so that's another good thing.

Again, if you encounter problems, let me know in the Tech Support Forum.

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Woohoo! I'm going to search now!

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Somebody took a MixMaster to the topics page, this will take a little while to get use to.

Time to look around and see what else has changed.

Thanks for the search function


scared the hell outta me at first, I clicked on where shop talk "should" be and I started wondering where the heck I was. Neat though, but it will take me a bit to get used to it(sheesh, first the front page, now this
) This is your way of weeding out the less intelligent and observant isn't it

And your reeeight Spark...... THE SEARCH WORKS!!!! GEE HAW.... YAHOO...... GOTTA CALL MY MOM............

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How are you guys getting all these new images in front of your bios?

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Everything is indeed fantastic with the software. The bummer is the loss of djo62 aka Danelle O'Shay from Spyderco. Guess you need to modify the moderators listing.


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So far so good.

Only problem is, now that you moved everything around, I have to actually look at the menu before clicking. Hmph..... that'll take some getting used to

Clay G.

Woohoo! The search function is back!

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Yeah, I may change the forums order about every week or so, just to keep you guys on your toes....

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Message icons are found when you make a reply, they should be listed above the text box.

Bob, please contact me via email about your comment earlier as I'm not sure what you meant about Dannelle?


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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Spark, Thanks for the search function!!
Also I'm sorry we lost Danelle
Thank you Spark.

The return of the Search function may just be the single greatest thing to happen to me in years, just kindding.

The single greatest knife thing that happened to me in years was my acquisition of a Sebenza.

But the Search function is a close second.

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Sure, but it's not going to happen.

You don't need to search every forum at once, and it's an unneccessary drain on the server resources. Why search 27 forums when the information you are looking for is in one of 3?


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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