Fossil Walrus, Damascus, and Feather D Guard Bowie

Oct 24, 2007

I recently finished this beauty that will be a delivery in Little Rock next month and Jim did his magic with this fine photo for us all to enjoy!!
The handle is customer supplied fossil walrus ivory wit a fold formed copper ferrule with rawhide wraps, The fittings are wrought iron, with the hand guard being a carved arrowhead and the buttcap leads down to a carved feather and forms the D Guard.The recurved blade is 12" of deep copper etched Chad Nichols random damascus with forge texture on the spine.
The rawhide sheath features a fold formed copper concho, and all was made by me, of course!!Thanks Jim for this great photo!!
John, your work is always, Always, ALWAYS a challenge....

I like challenges. :thumbsup: :D

You have a gift of skill and artistry which is a niche (Like my photography in the broadest sense), and it's SO appreciated by those who understand this style. Good for you, good for your CLIENTS!

Thank you.
Thanks guys, and a special thanks to you Coop, you never fail to exceed expectations with your visions of our work!!