Found a Peculiar Triangular Box Today...

Oct 25, 2004
...waiting for me at the post office. It just happened to contain a Raju 16.5" Chiruwa and a Bura bowie. I'm a lucky man. :)

A few days ago I said that I don't chop with my knives. That part of my life is over with now. I split some firewood with a bowie tonight. Need I say more? I'm satisfied with its chopping ability. My first blow (before I figured out that this took far less power than I'd thought it would) proceeded clear through the wood, through the carpet, and stopped with a thunk against the concrete floor below it. The edge was unmarked. The temper, needless to say, is definitely to my liking. I don't see any problems there.

These are the first knives I've ever owned with horn handles. I'm now officially a fan of horn. They look as nice as they feel.

I shouldn't have underestimated myself or been worried about the AK's weight forward balance. I barely notice it, even on a full-power swing. It's far, far easier to control than I'd imagined it would be. Time for something bigger. In the meantime, I hope that AK is feeling froggy. It's going to see some hard use tomorrow after work. Maybe even a bit at work, conditions permitting.

These blades talk to me. They told me it's time to place another order. I'm thinking a 25" Kobra for brush and a largish GRS for taking on the big stuff, which ought to keep me tied over for a while. (Anyway, I wouldn't have a legitimate use for anything else...not that that's preventing me from casting occasional glances at the WWII.) Somehow, I think I'll be happy with whatever I choose.
Money is a must have for my household- two Bowie knives? Maybe in another year.


Take two aspirins and call me in a month.

Slow down. Use them. (READ the safety thread again.) Use them some more.

Use a baton on them. Find hard dried wood. Find thick green saplings. Carry them around for a day. Wear gloves. Use them bare-handed. Do something ridiculous like cutting down a 12in tree.

Make them second nature. Make do with them. Khuks were not developed to be part of a collection, they were often the ONLY tool a person had. Treat them as if they were just that.


decide what else you might want.

You be careful, hear?
I got a good laugh at that, Kis. :) Good advice!

After action analysis: the reason I overpenetrated the wood on the first swing was...well...I'd never swung a bowie at something before. (I'd never swung a knife that short and heavy before, period.) Fortunately, the first rule of wood chopping was observed and nothing was hurt but the rug.

I'm really, really surprised how intuitive the AK was, though. I don't know if it's from swinging machetes or swinging hatchets or what -- it just seems to fit my hand very well. I had my doubts about that handle until I tried it.
Now it begins all over again. Himalayan Imports Khukuri Virus ( HIKV for short ). It's incurable, but who cares as long as Uncle Bill keeps putting up new deals!!!

Someone commented on the AKBowie's Grip. Mine started out with buffalo slabs in a hexagon or octagon shape. I have small hands, so it is now more rounded and slimmer, including the tang.
DannyinJapan said:
Kismet is right, of course.
I live in Tokyo and every tree here has a serial number....

You can probably make a name for yourself by going out and assassinating trees. :)
I hate to say I told ya so;) The AK bowie is a magical beast. it's like the kamis figured out how to get around the law of the conservation of matter and forged a 40 megaton warhead into a 9" blade. Now just put a good convex edge on that bowie and it'll treat you, your sons, your grandsons...heck, you're grandsons' grandsons right. Be sure to follow Kis' advice. He's a wise guy, and not in the sarcastic or mafia kind of way. Enjoy!