Found a Schrade USA 194OT

Jan 10, 2007
I was perusing the local junk shop looking for Buck 110's and snapped open a Buck sheath to find a Schrade single blade liner lock trapper is very decent shape. Im not a Schrade guy, but after some looking, Im pretty sure its a 194OT. The blade had a nick that was sharpened out and will need a little TLC, but it is in really good shape otherwise. Whats a ballark for these? In this shape, I was thinking $20-25. Thoughts?
If there's minor blade damage, I'd think more like $15-$20.

It looks to me like the edge got nicked near the ricasso and someone reprofiled it and gave it an ever so slight recurve. I may go back and talk to him about it next week.
Here is an almost new one for comparing. I like the liner lock on the long single blade.
They are probably not stainless, but there is no guarantee. When you see a "plus" sign after the word SCHRADE on a tang stamp it is always stainless. But in the last days of Schrade some of the blades without the plus sign were also stainless, as I understand. I guess you will find out if you use it.
I have three of various ages, all carbon also a Craftsman that carbon. Never seen one in staainless