Found an Old Timer-need help

Dec 28, 2006
A couple weeks ago i found a Schrade Old Timer in my dad's toolbox. It has 3 blades and it's about 4 inches closed.

-There is a XX mark on the base of the blade above the tang-does anyone know what that means?

-Also it is very dirty-please give me some tips to clean it because the blade has black all over it and there is some rust on it.

-One more thing. Does anyone know the history of it and how much it's worth?
There are several models in the Old Timer range, that fit your description, it could be a 34OT, if it is four inches it could be an 80T, plus several others, really need to see pictures, if the blades are black (patina) which would probably indicate that the blades of the knife are carbon steel. The XX mark means that it was a factory second, otherwise there would be a makers name/model # stamped in the same location. on e-bay you can find these knives in new condition between 15-30 dollars. more if the knife is a rare model. not the expert on cleaning, so I will leave that to someone else, my methods may not make the correct grade.

It is an 80T...and when i said black on the blade i meant old dirt and stuff just left on it from not being clean. but thanks.