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Found this in an old tool box

Nov 16, 2005
I remember finding this knife in a dump as a kid (don't ask why I was diggin around at a dump). Anyways, doing some cleaning and organizing and ran across it. I'm not attached to it and I'm just trying to determine if it has any collectable value. I read the FAQ post and it was very informative! This knife is marked 497 and has a stamp on the pommel that looks like a flag and an anvil or ("I"). It's pretty stained up and well used, but it looks like it would polish right up with a little elbow grease.

Any additional info would be helpful, please feel free to contact me via PM if you have a particular interest in the knife. Not trying to solicit, just looking to get value info- then I'll probably solicit!

-Thanks guys and Happy New Year!
Not to get off subject but when I was a kid, about 10 or so (years and years ago). There was a dump closeby, and then the stores dumped all kinds of new stuff they did not sell. So yes, I did a lot of dump scavenging. I really like it when the Five and Dime store made their dump runs.
By the way, why were you digging at the dump? :)
It was by a old fishing hole we went to called "The Snake Pit". I think I was looking for bait!

Now, is this old knife worth anything or should I just use it to open cans with?
In it's current condition, it is not a valuable collector item. Neither can it be restored to be one. There is one on eBay like it right now, but new in the box complete with sheath and papers if you care to see what one in original condition is worth. Yours would make a very servicable user if that is your wish. It dates probably from the early to late 1970's.

Thanks for the info Michael. If anyone needs this knife to complete a collection or something, it your's for the shipping. Otherwise it will just sit around my workbench and gather dust with all the other stuff I pick up at dumps!
Quite a few collectors will pick up a knife like that just to have an example of a "type" until they can snag a nice one. I have several beaters of my own. Maybe someone will want to arrange a swap for, say, a good pocketknife they have duplicates of. Of course, we do this sort of thing via e-maol "in the parking lot" so to speak, because this forum is not a legit marketplace here. Thanks for posting your question and offer though. Don't be a stranger! Hang around and let us infect you with the Schrade collector bug!

When I was younger, we lived in a trailer park. Down near the woods in a clearing there must have been a burn or dump site years ago. I spent a few summers in there digging out old bottles. I still have a big box full of old milk bottles and such from the upstate NY area.

Sorry to threadjack, just got me thinking...

Sorry, but this fellas headed to Canada! Thanks for the info and warm welcome to the forum. Unfortunately I have to many pokers in the fire to start another addiction. That just means more for you guys!

-All the Best