Four deals still going begging.


Mar 8, 1999
See 10/14 Deals Of The Day:

#1 - Napolean Sword/gone
#2 - Dui Chirra/gone
#4 - Sirupati/gone
#5 - WWII/gone

Are all still waiting.
Are all now gone!
If I could move one of the ones I have for sale, I would grab that dui chirra.
an 18" WWll for 69 bucks, during a period of time when some rued Tora's lighter, more historically accurate blades? Well???
But as for me, chalk it up to a Colt Delta Elite this summer and a very small allowance now tapped till Christmas.

I need to buy that sword, then use it on the $*%&#(!!! who stole my car Friday night. Bye bye khuk money...

Hope you get the car back intact.

Take care.

enjoy every sandwich
mPisi said:
I need to buy that sword, then use it on the $*%&#(!!! who stole my car Friday night. Bye bye khuk money...
That really stinks. Sorry, man. Good luck.
Stolen column;
case knives, all of them
hand knit shawl made by our good friend, a blind social worker
my first MT bike
Wilkenson (sic) machette
back pack
whisper stove

And the list keeps growing. I've
been lucky. My cars usually aren't worth stealing.

Only a mother likes a thief. The rest of us wish he'd never been born.

That bites about yor car:( Weird that your car was stolen on friday and that is the very same night someone broke into my truck and TRIED to steal the CD player. I say tried because all they managed to do was rip the face off of it and ruin it. took my CD case. by my CD case i mean Brenna's (my bride to be) that had been riding around in my various vehicles since highschool. I think they managed to get a Whitney Houston CD, the Grease soundtrack, a couple scratched up CDs from various groups that no one has heard of since 1999 and my AC/DC live CD (the only one i miss). They didn't want my jazz CDs:)
I look at it as i helped lead two thieves on a wild goose chase by wasting their time trying to steal valuables from my work truck. Sure they wrecked my CD player, but i was able to get the business to buy me a new one since it was in the work truck. I was Pi$$ed about it, but think how much they could have ruined someone elses day by taking probably close to 2 or 3 grand in stuff. As far as i know i was the only one at my apartment complex to be hit. I'm just lucky that i don't really value a great sound system nor am I huge music fan. However, this doesn't mean that I won't break their legs if i find them;) Oh well, at least they left me Ella and Louie to listen to. I'm kinda glad they didn't appreciate vocal jazz.
The very best of luck to you, mPisi. They'll get theirs one day.

munk said:
Stolen column;
case knives, all of them...

Say no more. All of my first knives were Case. I have only 4 or 5 now but love them all. Beautiful pieces of work. I had a Case Stag Trapper stolen from me in college that my Dad had given me, and have never found the exact replacement. Really makes you sick.


Well,temptation is rearing its' head already. What makes the surupati a "Dashien special"?
Rusty said:
See 10/14 Deals Of The Day:

#1 - Napolean Sword
#2 - Dui Chirra
#4 - Sirupati
#5 - WWII

Are all still waiting.

Well, that must be an omen then. It's been a week and I TRIED to get away but they just PULL me back in! (-:

E-mail sent to Uncle Bill on the sword. (Sigh...!)

Rusty said:
Dui Chirra only one left

Gawd! $135 for a Dui Chirra with all the tools but one. I think I paid $300 for my first one...

Someone better jump on it before I pick up some fantastic trade goods! :)