Fox lightlock folder (P.O.S.)

Just a note to discourage anyone from purchasing a Fox lightlock folder. My son decided he wanted to use some b-day money and purchase a folder to take camping. I suggested several for him to try but of course he decided on the Fox. (Not one of my suggestions) Well... He had this knife for less than 24 hours when the lock literally flies apart.
The lock is mounted upon the top of the blade and slides in/out of position to secure the blade. Well, a half hour later we are in the store and return it. My son ended up deciding on a little schrade that fit his hand and he was comfortable with. So to recap, don't buy the Fox lightlock folder as it won't even hold up for 24 hours when used by a 9 year old to cut potatoes...

Too bad, cause the handle was pretty comfortable for small hands and the type of lock they use kept my son's fingers out of the way when closing the knife. (And don't say I should have made him get a fixed blade since some Nimrod at B.S.A. decided that they are inherently too dangerous for scouts to carry)


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Feb 18, 1999
Thanx for the info. By the way, what is a Fox folder? Is that some new company (low-end), or are they advertised as pricey? Just curious, as I've never heard of such a P.O.S. like that before!
The appear to be an Italian company and are sold in a bunch of places. I have even seen them at A.G.Russell's site. (Not the version my son bought but same maker.) It wasn't extremely pricey by my standards but 50$ for a 9 year old is a signifigant investment. It does have a very unique lock on it. You can see a picture at blowout knives site.

P.S. They may make some better ones that this P.O.S., but I won't be finding out.