Oct 19, 2004
Anyone heard of Fox knives or have anythilng good/bad to say about them? I was at my local hunting/fishing store today and saw a nilce looking karambit made by a manufacturer named "Fox." I've never heard of them. The knife was very light, opened & locked up nicely, and was sharp. The cost was a little hilgh $150. I don't wanna spend this much $$$ on a knife that ive never heard of. How does Fox compare to other high grade manufacturers like Emerson?

Thank you

Fox knives are indeed made in Italy (anyway it's an italian company).
I have two of them, one of which (the "invader") I believe is designed by Allen Elishewitz. Very nice knife, very sharp and opens really fast with a flipper. 440C steel, so if you are into fancy steels, you probable won't like them...
Here is the home page :
Hope this helps.
YUp, FOX is conciderek OK in Europe but they are 440B and 440C for the most part. This Kerambit costs 85 euro over here and that's in a brick-and-mortar store. On the other hand american knives cost double over here :)
Fox is basically a marketing company like Jndiana.

I have a Fox Karambit and it came as one of the sharpest out of the box knives I have seen. I'm not sure if this is typpical as the shop I bought it from often touches up their knives. The steel is N690 (I think that is the designation) which is what Extrema Ratio uses. Other Fox knives have always been great value for money and they are now bringing out lots of innovativ new models. Their pruning knife, the Roncx, is another favourite.