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Framelock Folders?

Feb 3, 2001
Hello and salutations!
I have tried lockbacks, liner-locks, axis-locks, and arc-locks. Love em' all. But I have never tried a frame-lock like a CRKT S-2, Serbrenza, or Benchmade Pinnacle. Are frame locks much stronger than other locks? Do they dis-engage under hard use or squeezing? Do they wear okay? Be careful out there!
P.S. Not meaning to give you a hard time rockspyder!
I have a Sebenza. Think of an integral lock as a liner lock without the handle slabs. When you grip an integral lock folder, your hand becomes the safety. It can't open as long as you are holding it, the tighter the better.

With a liner lock, the outer slab keeps you from squeezing down on the liner to hold it in place, but you can press against it from the other side, when you're gripping it tightly, and release it accidentally.

Personally, I've never found lockbacks to open accidentally, especially the ones with the lock at the rear. So they are pretty safe, too.

I just got a Benchmade 730 Ares. Not only is the axis lock super secure, it's ambidextrous, too, which is a safety feature of a sort.
Esav ,you got a Chris Reeve Folder?!!!!! Lucky!
So are the tolerances for a frame-intergral lock tighter than a liner lock?
I like frame locks. I don't really worry about having the strongest lock in the world, because I don't think I'll ever need knife that can withstand 700 in-lbs of torque. I like my Sebenza, and Tom Mayo TNT. DDR will be tweaking my EDC to my liking soon.

I like them a little more than liner-locks. However, with a frame-lock it's going to have anywhere from 0.100" to 0.160" handle slabs. Doesn't leave too much room for scales or much else. With liner-locks you can have bolsters, scales etc to make the knife more fancy.

BTW...my daily carrys are a CRK Sebenza and Kershaw Random Task.


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