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Frank Buster ???

Oct 5, 1998
At the last NKCA show I attended I was looking forward to talking with Frank Buster of Fight'n Rooster Cutlery, only to find out that he was fighting cancer and not doing well,and had not been able to make the last few shows. Does anyone know anything of his current condition ? NKCA will come to my area again next month and would like to see him there. A long time ago I suggested on the forum that maybe we could all do somthing on his behalf, Cards? or whatever...I did not receive one reply! I personally think that Mr.Buster has done alot in his life to promote Knife collecting and to encourage many to be envolved in this hobby.

Just my thoughts...
Thank You
I agree wholeheartedly that Frank has contributed much to our hobby. I know of occasions he has helped quite a few fledgling makers and embeleshers out.
The last I heard (about 1 month ago) things were not going to well for him and he had to start chemotherapy again.
Gus, Thank's for the reply...I like all of us here am a knife nut...I sleep,breathe and live for the hobby of knives, Im probably the king of nuts here. I love the latest new knife on the market and God knows I buy enough of them and I hear about them here on the fourms all the time but I hardly hear of anyone talk of the typical pocket knives, and I know that we must all have a nice collection of them. For any of you that have never had the priveledge of meeting him in person you have missed out on meeting one of the most interesting individual's you will ever come across.