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Frank Norman--Little River Trading Co. Read this please

Kodiak PA

Gold Member
Dec 3, 1998
I have something I would like to share.

I placed an order with Frank Norman of Little River Trading Company http://www.littleriver.datasys.net/knives.html after Christmas. Nothing really big, just a STIFF KISS at a great price.

I sent him a check priority mail on the 29th. I have been inquiring daily this last week to see if he received his money & it didn't show until today but Frank trusted me and even though he didn't have his cash he sent me the knife anyway. I never ordered anything previously. I have talked to Frank before and he has always answered my questions and made himself accessible but I didn't expect him to believe that I actually sent the money. I know a $20 order wouldn't have broken him, but he didn't have to do this.

This is one of the reasons I like to do business on the net. Be it Howard at the Knife Center, Bruce Bullman @ Bullman Cutlery or Frank Norman &the other great net dealers they treat us really well, give us great deals and are a pleasure to work with. I only wish I had the bucks to visit and buy from all of them.

I just wanted to tell you guys this.

Frank, if you're out there: THANKS!



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Thanks for sharing Kodiac, dont forget to rate him in the links!


Mouse Assassins inc.

I did, Shades and I hope I don't send the wrong impression that a dealer like Frank or another would always send an item before they received payment or that they should. I certainly wouldn't expect that. I just wanted to site this as an example of some of the excellent service we receive. Perhaps being part of this forum helps us and the dealers to understand and help each other.

How about I modify the thread to ask others to give some examples of the great service they recieved?

Thanks and have a great weekend everyone!



Hello Greg,
Let me start off by saying YOU are one of the big reasons that these forums are so great. People like you and so many others, make the forums such a pleasure to peruse.

You have done well to praise Frank from Little River. If any dealer on these forums should be given praise, it's Frank and his company. This man truly goes the extra mile when you deal with him. I have been dealing with him for approximately eight months and I have many, many of the same experiences as you. Forumites, do yourselves a favor and try Little River Trading Company. You WON'T be sorry.

I've said it before but it bears repeating:

Bruce Bullman, James Mattis and Frank Norman (in no particular order) from Bullman Cutlery, Chai Cutlery, and Little River Trading are all exemplary in their dealings.

Will Fennell of EDI and Anne Reeve of CR Knives exemplify customer service from the manufacturer.

Rob Simonich and Trace Rinaldi are examples of fine knifemakers who are a joy to work with.

Kit Carson, Darrel Ralph and AT Barr exemplify the spirit of the exceptional established "big name" makers who willingly give their time and counsel to all of us.

These are the kind of folks who make this industry and hobby so great!


Bald is beautiful! Rub a dome for luck today!

You're right as usual Bob. Didn't mean to leave anyone out. The dealers we work with are a joy to to business with. Pure and simple....they make it a lot more fun.



I got a turquoise Photon M-LII from my 70 year old Dad, and when I asked him where he got it, he said, "From a place I found online, Little River Trading Company. He's got great prices and service."

I said something like, "Oh...yeah. I was going to try him soon."