Fred Perrin and his Spydercard.... Arf! Arf!

Oct 16, 1998
The SpyderCard

What we cannot stand about the Spydercard is... we didn't designed it ourself.

The SpyderCard is really the answer to what we have asked about a street folders.
Low profile, good as a tool and made for selfdefense .
An excellent grip and a securelock and ... it cuts more than good !!!
(just check it and you will be surprised)

For us it's an U.I.O. an “Ultra Innovative Object !” .
It's directly relative to the concepts we are working on on our little workshop…
Easy to open and close one hand. So easy ! Yessss! Soooooo easy.
"Chapeau Bas" to the conceptors !!

"This is the project I was waiting the most for the first moment I ever saw it.
At IWA 99, one year ago…" said Fred

"The Spydercard is not a Credit card. But it can be used for the blood banks! Arf! Arf! Ark! Nyark! Nyark!" said again Fred.

Because Spyderco designed it as a tool, but for us this is really « tactical » !
The size is really made for the city as we told you before.
You can put it in the watch pocket of the blue jean or in shirt pocket.

Tomorrow if Spyderco does a series with Titanium handle we will run to Colorado !
But it won't be easy also… To many toys and not enough pockets…

Their is nothing equivalent in the whole bad world. And don't complain about the weight !
This is a grrrrreat knife.

We have been in a lot of security check point this last 6 monthes. Like in Military Airports, International Security Show, and Special Agencies… No beep ! Because we put it with our Visa Cards in my Alrf (wallet in Perrin slang) in the bowel…

"Arf arf arf arf ! Nobody knows we were armed with a bloody weapon ready to be lethal as the Glimmer Man ! Arf! Arf! Arf!" said Fred.

"This is our Pocket Guillotine !!!! Nyark! Nyark!" shouted Fred while jumping and banging his head against the walls...
(BTW Have you noticed the new sounds ?)

"God knows how much I love Spyderco knives but this one is more than love. I don't leave it, it's always with me. I adopted it immediatly as my main Spyderco knife for every day in the city or in the bush.
Now Mr. Spyderco stop to do all these wonderful toys. It’s Christmas everyday with you." said Fred after his third coffee.

The lock is really strong . And you know what ? I haven't touched the blade since we got it.

For us in Europe it's also a perfect size. In Europe if Police check you with an Endura... you will be in serious problems.

Now we are heading for the MOUSE KNIFE ! WHEN???


Fred and Nemo

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Wonderful review as always, guys! Thanks!

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My sentiments exactly. The first thing I noticed about the 'card' was the maxed out amount of blade edge that was fit into the space of the card. I also love the super low profile of this model, I'm ashamed to admit it, but I have forgotten that it was in my pants pockets many times because it's so slim/thin. I've decided to carry it as an absolute final back up, because I know I'll accidentally forget about it if I don't 'feel' like I'm carrying it.


I have juste edited a little our little review.


Just food for thought.

A buddy of mine had a machine shop install a pocket clip on his Spydercard. It now makes the perfect money clip.

John Hollister
Glad to see you guys back around. I have been meaning to pick up a Spydercard for awhile. The blade I am currently carrying in that manner only fits the term very loosely.

Nemo, your review really makes me wanting to buy one of those. Bien fait!

But in which country in europe do you get in trouble wearing an endura besides england and maybe holland?

In France !

Here an old man with heart disease, surrounded by 15 young agressive bastards (with "nike" on their cap) has defended his life with a Swiss Army Knife (a non lockin knife).

For a scar on the hand on one of his agressor (who happend to be under 18) he has to pay $30'000...

So the blade/knife/edge is never for good people to save their life.
If the gang has killed the old man, no one of them would ever have to pay $1000...

I prefer to defend my life with a chair or an ashtray or whatever than to flick a knife open (whatever its size) as I know, at this very moment, all the Laws will be turned against me...


Hi Nemo -

In the Spyderco forum, we've discussed a Ti Spydercard. If you look at the way the frame is formed and folded, it becomes obvious that doing this with Ti would be a manufacturing nightmare.

Would be great, though, and what a surface for anodizing!

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"Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes, the bear eats you."

let say that Fred is allways looking to kill some weights...