Fred Perrin Domain is back on line

Oct 16, 1998

Well it was Y2K bug before Y2K.

but now it's on line again.

Soon will be add a Chris Reeve Portrait as Jo Suzuki has just edited it.

SPyderco Starmate and Fallkniven WM.

So, stay in touch,

Thank you BOB,

The new Chris Reeve Portrait has been edited and I am working on the Pictures now.

I will post it this week end !

.....and it is awesome!

Excellent reviews, kick tail pics, nice to see someone else likes to hav fun with a subject that is so serious in intent! Very nice setup, great reviews, and eye-opening!

I will actually go buy a Sharpfinger (yes boys and girls that $20 "POS" by Schrade!) Even more bang for you buck than a livesay and so cheap that anyone can have a couple.

Nemo, can you guys get a hold of a Newt Livesay knife or two? I am curious to see three things:

Do you all like them as much as other Livesay users?

Do you test them and come up with similar results as I do (excellent would trust my life on it...)

What sort of wild abuse do you and Fred feel it necessary to subject it to, which I may never encounter but is nice to know the limits of my knife.

Thaks for all

I loved reading these reviews. They are a little "on the edge" and frequently VERY quirky. Maybe the humor isn't intended, but I found myself wanting to read the reviews for knives I wasn't even interested in because of the writing. great link

Dances with lemmings

Thank you a lot everybody !

You are encouraging us to torture more knives and english sentences !

We would be really happy to review Newt Livesay knives.

Laso we have been in contact with Darrel Ralph for his Apogee and later also a Kit Carson.
We are now writing a Bud Nealy Portrait but I still need to put the Chris Reeve Portrait on line !


About the Sharpfinger.

I really enjoy that little Klingon blades !

Please give a chance to their stainless version, the Wolverine !

Newt Livesay should send us some knives to play with ! (SIC)

I did buy the Sharpfinger, $19.95 plus tax at the local Super K Mart, and being that the total tab was over ten dollars, I got a case of coke for $3.99 with it! Now that is a bargain, and the knife? Holy Merde, Batman, I would never have guessed that this little knife being sold at hardware stores across America for the last eighty years is such a wonderfully handling piece, but then I forgot who buys and hunters not necesarily with lots of money and no pretensions for Tactical Looks or Gimmicks, just a useful excellent knife.

Schrade is now 94 years old.

Nemo, I will try the Wolverine as well soon. Thanks again.

One other thing: I truly love yours and Fred's English usage. You guys while functioning in a second language give us great knowledge and insight, entertain the hell out of us, make us laugh and do it in a language not your own...forward ho!

Thank you very very much !

The Sharpfinger is the real Wild Wild West knife !

Marc Animal Mac Young could not destroy his own sharpfinger and still using everyday for 10 years.


Right, the Sharpfinger review returns a file not found error. I know it existed at one time; I remember reading it, but it's lost now. I hope you can find it soon, Nemo.

-Cougar Allen :{)
Nemo, nice job on the Project review. The close up shot of the serration pattern was nice I had not seen that before. It looks chisel toothed much like MD's which is good as that's what I would prefer. Did you find and utility to the serrations on the Project? Did you notice any wear on them, rounding and such?

By the way when you say :

On wood, ropes, wet ropes, and wet dirty ropes with sand, the Project II easily beat its competitor!

Is the competetion the ATAK? If so that is interesting. I would have expected the harder ATAK to hold up better on some of the softer material but dirty ropes with sand could pose a bit of a problem in regards to chipping.

How did the edge on the Project wear down? Did you just see a gradual even blunting or was there any chipping or indenting?


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Thank you for the compliment !

No chipping at all on the edge of the Project II.

BTW The ATAK was only good at rope cutting...
and really bad at wood cutting. It's not made to cut wood.

The Project II can hold a razor edge with no chipping and cut easily in any material !

The Serrated part of the edge is chisel ground !