Fred Perrin's Balisong Story


My God there are some truly beautiful knives there!! I must admit, your personal balisong is a KILLER! Really dig that blade shape man. And that La Griffe/ Sweet stuff. Thanks for sharing!
Hi Nemo
You and Fred haven't posted in awhile so it is good to know you guys are still at it. As usual a top notch article and review it made the wait worth it.

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thanks,for showing some of Fred's bali's
looking forward to getting with him&Lazi,
WHEN HE VISITS MIAMI AGAIN!have him bring a couple of his bali's.

Thanks for the Great Photos of all of those Balisongs. Great historical information too!

I like Fred's ideas, the Balisong made of G-10 and the one made to fit into a wallet. Is he still making those and if he is what is their cost in US Dollars?

Fred (who speak english) can be reached at this number
33 6 60 56 07 18

then you will know everything.

Also he will come at Atlanta Blade show, and will be orbiting around Laci Szabo tables...


Great pictures and some interresting information, thanks!

Nemo, will Fred be add the Paris knifeshow in September? Do you no where this show will be or where I can get more info on this show? Thanks!
Thank you so much for sharing this. It is truly a fine piece of work.

A David Boye dendritic cobalt bali. Wow.

Nemo, is making a balisong about the difficulty as making a liner lock folder? I had thought about trying to make one one of the days but have never seen that much on the building of them. One of my students had an inexpensive one and demonstrated the opening and closing swing for me. Just wondering was all. They seem to range in size quite a bit. They do look good and thanks for sharing the pics.

Ray Kirk

air cut through by steel,
the blade stops.
from silent stone,
death is preordained. FUDO 1627

I think it's much easier to do a Balisong than any other locking folders !

I would love to see a Raker Lil Blue Balisong !

Nemo, Maybe Fred might bring a paper pattern for one or I can talk to him at the show and maybe figure it out. There are bound to be some important points to consider when making one that will work well.

Ray Kirk