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Fred Perrin's review of the Benchmade Nimravus !


GREAT review!!! Too bad that Sundey wouldn't bite on the Nimravus... I was looking forward to him checking the temper ^_^

Btw, I liked what Fred did to the CUB.

Thank you Attila,

But Sundey is a girl !
I just asked her about the Temper and she watched me with big eyes.
Her ears are moving but nothing more.

I got some relationnal problem with her, she refused to eat my cuisine...

Fred "improved" the Cub for hard thrusting testings.
The M2 is really strong !!


Sorry, I mistakenly called Sundey a boy. Hopefully, she was not offended & will not claw out my eyes... ^_^

Heh, guess she couldn't give a s*** about the temper... that's one of the things I love/hate about cats: They have such wonderful expressions when we "big hairs" do things they are not in synch with.

How about making a wonderful beef stew with red wine? I do that at times & share the spoils with my abasinian kitty Genghis. He goes crazy & pays me ALOT of attention for a few days... ^_^



That's a great website. I've never visited it before. I just read every review posted.

Very informative.

Thanks for the information,

I went to the site and cannot find the review of the Cub.

o.k its there now!! nice


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It's been a long time, my friend!
I love the review, outstanding as usual, but I'm very intrigued by your modifications to the Nimravus!
I love the way you guys have enhanced the handle sculpturing. How has this changed the feel of the grip overall? Looks like it gives the little finger an even better purchase on the handle.
Deepening the finger choil is a stroke of genius. I thought it was okay as is, but now I'm looking at both of my Nimravus' and thinkin' about giving it a try. Maybe I'll start with the big'un and see how it works for me.
Thanks for the great review and for the food for thought.
Good to see you back here on the Forum's too!

If it's stupid but works, then it isn't stupid!
Wonderful review, enough to get me off my lazy butt and put a Cub on my list of things to look at the next show I get to.

As for le chat, I went home, looked at my tabby cat and asked him, "What good are you anyways? You never helped me review a knife, and yet I'll bet you're expecting me to feed you now?"
Good things cats don't grow opposabled thumbs. LOL

Don LeHue

The pen is mightier than the sword...outside of arm's reach. Modify radius accordingly for rifle.
Well, Nemo & Fred, you've done it again. Thanks for another great review & a fun read.



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Nemo and Fred,

Thanks for another great review!!!

I have a question I hope you can help me with. In your review you write: "Also
Fred remembered to always hide a knife behind my neck. Because when you are made
prisonner you got your hands on your neck.."
Could you please explain how you wear a knife in the back of your neck? And what kind of knife you use for back of the neck carry? Thanks!!!
That was a pretty cool review! The other day a the local cutlery store i held a Cub. It was a lot smaller than i imagined. My personal preference is for something larger. Food for thought.
Thank you for the review, I really enjoyed it. I was thinking the Nimravus might throw fairly well, glad to know yours made it with no damage. I have been told the Nimravus was a prehistoric cat, nice touch adding yours to the review