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Free "book" on sliplock making

May 5, 2001
Go to www.burgerknives.web.za ,follow the links to the knifemaking tips page for an extensive book on sliplock making.
I wrote this book over the past year, wanted to publish it on paper, but with there already being a book (How to make Multiblade folders) I decided against it.
It is about how I make folders. If you do it in another way, good for you. In the end it is the result that counts! However, any comments, advice, articles, links to how to pages and similar will be welcome.

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Tiaan, your descriptions are good, thanks for the offer. One thing, I wasn't able to find the illustrations. I think that would be helpful too.


The pictures are still a pain in the neck. I need to get hold of a scanner or camera. Locally they are quite expensive. Take another look Saturday evening.


Take the time that it takes.
The above mentioned link is now only for my personal website. I have started a new website at www.blades.web.za to contain all the knifemaking info I can lay my hands on.

Info already available: Heat treating for bladesmiths, working with horn and ivory, knife design, sliplock making.
Scrimshaw coming up.

We are suffering from a chronic shortage of photos, if you have any photos, techniques, tips, links or need to know something, drop in. There is a slight bias towards working with african materials, finally you can get the lowdown on working with all types of horns and ivories from the people who work with it as a matter of course.

This is a non profit site, so all classified adds (wanted and for sale) are posted free of charge. The ideal place to shop for unique african handle materials...


Tiaan Burger
RSA Blades