Free CD about Bram

Nov 15, 1999
Hi everyone. I haven't posted in a while. I have been busy running CSSD/SC. Over on out website we have a CD rom that tells about Bram and CSSD/SC. It also shows two videos. One video is about the Gunting and one about the Modular System "Learn in Six - Teach In Twelve (tm)". It is free to evryone who sends us a email from the site. If you love Bram or hate him, I will still it. It is just our way of promoting Bram, CSSD/SC, Spyderco and the new knife the Abaniko.

The sites is and the scroll down to Free CD Rom

If you don't want it, don't ever say you didn't have a chance to find out anything out about us. It's free. A no brainer.

Also Happy Holidays to everyone.
George Denson
Director Common Sense Self Defense/Street Combat
I requested one, specifying that I was an "international" customer. I received an email in response indicating that the CD ROM was being sent. It also indicated that Bram gives a number of international training sessions, so they are obviously looking for non-USA interest as well.
Mine just arrived today along with the Gunting DVDs - I had a quick look and its seems to be a great intro into Brams work :D
Hi everyone. Yes we are sending them overseas. It is important that you find out about our program. We have sent out over 100 CDs in the last few weeks. Many have been to Europe and even to Israel. I hope some of you have received the CD and can comment on what you think. Of course I'd like to hear about the CD, but also the technology.

Well, got mine a few weeks ago and it won't play in the 3 computers I tried it in. Two of them just lock up when I try to view it and the other computer won't do anything with it. I'll try another comp over the christmas holidays and let you know.

Hi everyone. we have been bombarded with request for the free CDs due to the web and ads in the mags. I will send them as quickly as I can. I am curious to what some of you think, not only about the program, but the different approach to our mareketing. Of course they say if everyone likes it, stop what you are doing right away - lol.
Kenpoman -- i received my CDROM today, and i must say, i'm pleased and impressed with the layout and presentation. the videos were in fact, what i found to be the most insightful into the system. i still have to check it out some more, but thought i'd give my initial opinion. and the price is right. ;)

thanks to George, Bram, and CSSDSC for the demo/info!

abe m.
I got mine a couple of weeks ago and it played fine on my year-old, but frequently-updated PC. I had seen only the "Spyderco Presents the Gunting" tape prior to this and haven't taken any training with Bram. My understanding is that the material is not really new, as much as the way it's being introduced on this CD-ROM. In fact, the material does seem to be the same program, but I agree that the CD-ROM is a well-presented introduction to the tools and methods, and an excellent update of the "Spyderco Presents"

Good work and thank you.