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I realize this has nothing to do with knives but just wanted to pass this on to my fellow knife nuts. I have no connection with this company so sorry if this seems like a comercial, I just thought I'd pass this info on to any of you guys that are frugal(cheap) like me. I figure the money saved in a year will pay for a knife or two.-
I've been using a new IPS (internet provider service)for the past month that is completly FREE and it works great. The only catch is that while online there is one changing banner ad that always appears on your screen(no junk mail or anything). I just keep it at the top/to the right of my browser so I can still see everything and can use my forward and back button. If I need to use any browser controls I just move the banner for a minute then put it back, you sign off by closing the banner.
Anyway - you can try the service out by downloading it from their web site -
and use it while still having your other IPS on your computer until you decide if you like it or not.


Apr 28, 1999
I have Netzero, too. It isn't the fastest service out there, but it is free and you can't beat that price!
One problem if you live in a small city you still have to pay long distance phone charges. My bad luck
yes, I have friends who love NetZero.

*I* however cannot partake of this free service as they do not have a Mac version!

Does anyone know of a free ISP with a Mac version?

(and please, let's not get into a Mac vs. PC discussion...)


I just started it up.

Works great.

Thanks for the tip.

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